"It drives me bananas”: 54-Year Old FRIENDS Star Jennifer Aniston Lashes Out at Ageist Compliments that Demean Women!

For Hollywood star Jennifer Aniston, age is just a number. The 54-year-old actor has continued to make men swoon over her and women desperate to be like her by looking her best even today. The FRIENDS star is known to have a committed fitness regime that has resulted in her maintaining her stunning good looks and physique over the years.

But if there is anything that Aniston hates addressing, it is questions about her age. Despite receiving numerous compliments for her appearance, the desirable star has openly spoken about the underhanded methods by which age is brought into the equation while talking about beauty, which according to her, is timeless.

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Jennifer Aniston Talks About The Stereotypes Of Age And Beauty

There is no debating the fact that Jennifer Aniston is looking as desirable in her 50s as she was in her younger days. But these ageist compliments are the exact ones that the Murder Mystery actor is against. Speaking of the timelessness of beauty that has nothing to do with age, Aniston strongly opposed the manner in which stereotypical compliments related to age are considered to be positive markers of beauty.

"You look great for your age is a backhanded compliment thrown at timelessly gorgeous women. It drives me bananas, I can't stand it. It should be, you look great — period."

The We're the Millers star went on to say that beauty cannot serve as a reminder of age and that people must learn to compliment others without using the concept of age as a crutch.

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