"It was one of her biggest regrets": Brad Pitt Sacrifices His $79 Million To Give Jennifer Aniston Something That She Always Wished For !

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston got divorced more than a decade ago, but since have managed to maintain a very cordial relationship. Even after their divorces from their subsequent partners, they have continued to speak of each other on good terms and Pitt even showed up at the star’s 50th birthday party.

However, what was more surprising was the special gift that Pitt had prepared for his ex-wife. And it was their dream home that Aniston lost when she separated from Pitt back in 2005, and he allegedly spent over $79 million to re-purchase it.

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Brad Pitt’s $79M Gift To Ex-Wife Jennifer Aniston

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and were the of Hollywood when they first got together in 1998, but their romance was very short-lived. While Pitt moved on with , Jennifer Aniston had more pressing matters at hand. Not only did she lose her husband, and go through a divorce, but was also grieving the loss of their dream house that the couple shared in Beverly Hills.

It was one of the  star’s biggest regrets not being able to buy the house after their split as a source close to the actress stated (via ),

“Losing their dream home worsened the heartache of their divorce and it was one of her biggest regrets not buying Brad out”.

So when Aniston’s 50th birthday arrived, the house was luckily on the market, and the star decided to splurge and spent over $79 million to buy it. He later gifted it to his ex-wife and she was allegedly emotional over getting such a heartwarming gift.

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