Kevin Costner's Estranged Wife Agrees to Move Out of Home If He 'Complies' With Child Support

Kevin Costner's estranged wife, Christine Baumgartner, has filed new court documents in Santa Barbara County, California, stating that she will move out of their $145 million beachfront compound in Carpinteria if Kevin agrees to her child support request. The couple has three children together, and Christine claims that she has been taking care of them since the end of March while Kevin has been working in another state.

In the court documents, Christine asserts that Kevin has acknowledged that the children will continue to be in her care for at least half the time in the future. She argues that by seeking to evict her from the house, Kevin is essentially seeking to evict the children as well since her new home would also be their primary residence more than 50% of the time.

Christine agrees to move out by August 31 but states that she needs the child support issue resolved before she can effectively plan her move.

Christine is requesting $248,000 per month in child support and has set a court hearing on the matter for July 12. She proposes that if Kevin complies with the support and fee orders made by the court on that date, she will voluntarily move out by August 31. She emphasizes that the rental market in Santa Barbara is challenging, and she will need 50 days to find and relocate to a new residence.

Christine points out that the beachfront compound has multiple residences and ample space for both parties to reside with the children until the end of August.

She suggests that they can avoid contact with each other given the property's large size. She also mentions that they have previously shown the ability to cohabitate civilly when Kevin stayed at the compound for a weekend in May.

Regarding Kevin's claim about a premarital agreement, Christine states that it was executed almost two decades ago when there were no minor children involved. She asserts that she has been actively searching for a suitable new residence for herself and the children since their separation.

In response to Christine's child support request, Kevin has filed his own legal documents, arguing that the amount she seeks is outrageous.

He accuses Christine of inflating and inaccurately calculating the children's needs and includes personal expenses such as her plastic surgery in the calculation. Kevin proposes a lower monthly child support amount and states that he will cover additional expenses like health insurance costs, private school tuition, and extracurricular expenses.

The court will review these documents and make a determination based on the arguments presented by both parties during the hearing scheduled for July 12.

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