Yellowstone Stars Share Their Honest Opinions on Working with Kevin Costner

The article discusses the reaction of the cast members of the popular TV series "Yellowstone" towards their co-star Kevin Costner. The cast members express their feelings about working with the renowned actor and share their admiration for him.

The cast members of "Yellowstone" have had the privilege of working alongside the legendary actor Kevin Costner. They are all in awe of his talent and are extremely grateful for the opportunity to work with him. The actors expressed their admiration for Costner and talked about how they feel about him.

Luke Grimes, who plays Kayce Dutton in the series, reveals that he has always been a huge fan of Kevin Costner.

He describes Costner as a "cultural icon" and confesses that working with him has been a dream come true. Grimes was amazed by Costner's professionalism and his ability to make everyone on set feel comfortable.

Kelly Reilly, who portrays Beth Dutton, also shares her enthusiasm about working with Costner. According to Reilly, Costner is not only an incredible actor but also a "dreamboat." She appreciates how Costner always brings his A-game to every scene and describes his presence as a "quiet commanding presence."

Wes Bentley, who plays Jamie Dutton, admits that he was initially intimidated by Costner's stature but quickly realized that the actor is down-to-earth and kind-hearted.

Bentley praises Costner's work ethic and applauds his ability to make everyone around him better.

Cole Hauser, who portrays Rip Wheeler, expresses his deepest admiration for Costner. He describes the actor as a "movie icon" and appreciates the opportunity to learn from him. Hauser believes that Costner sets the tone for the whole show with his dedication and talent.

For Kelsey Asbille, who plays Monica Dutton, working with Kevin Costner has been an incredible experience. She says that she has learned a lot from him and is grateful for his guidance and support. Asbille believes that Costner's presence adds an extra layer of authenticity to the show.

Overall, the cast members of "Yellowstone" have nothing but praise for Kevin Costner. They are in awe of his talent, professionalism, and kindness. Working with Costner has been a dream come true for them, and they appreciate the opportunity to learn and grow from such an accomplished actor. Costner's presence on the set of "Yellowstone" has undoubtedly elevated the show and added to its success.

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