Wait, Freshly Turned Zombies In The Walking Dead Should Be Harmless!

Newly Turned Zombies Should Be Harmless In The Walking Dead

Anyone who has just recently turned into a zombie should be harmless in because they don't have enough harmful bacteria accumulating in their mouth. Therefore, their bites shouldn't be infectious to humans. The only way for freshly turned zombies to be dangerous is to cause blood loss through repetitive biting. So, bites from these newly reanimated corpses should be no different from a living person sinking their teeth into someone's flesh.

Even though science backs up these claims, still acts like a bite from any zombie, no matter their physical state, is still fatal due to the bacteria clinging to its teeth and gums.

Robert Kirkman, the creator of the franchise, stated that everyone is already infected with the virus since the . If they die without any brain damage, they would reanimate soon after because the virus "" the part of the brain that controls walking and eating. A zombie bite, however, doesn't transfer the virus since it's the bacteria that destroys a human's immune system. This means that anyone who has recently turned shouldn't have an infectious bite for some time.

In his Letter Hacks column inissue #41, Kirman wrote:

"The rule is: WHATEVER it is that causes the zombies, is something everyone already has. If you stub your toe, get an infection and die, you turn into a zombie, UNLESS your brain is damaged. If someone shoots you in the head and you die, you're dead. A zombie bite kills you because of infection, or blood loss, not because of the zombie "virus."

The Walking Dead Was Right To Ignore Its Zombie Logic

While the science behind these zombies doesn't make sense,

wanted a plot twist that meant anyone who died, whether they were bitten or not, would still reanimate. This revelation became one of the biggest twists in the show, and even though it makes the , it's still worth the complex logic. If the creators tried to explain how zombies work now, it might cause more confusion among audiences, eventually stripping away the realism and immersion this franchise creates on the small screen.

Aside from this zombie plot hole, is stepping up its game with new walker variants that have unique capabilities, such as running, climbing, and holding onto objects. It's not clear whether these variants will infect humans differently or still use their dreaded bite force, but like andshould hopefully cover these lingering thoughts. Audiences can get excited for future variant zombies in , rather than focus on small plot holes that revolve around freshly-turned zombies not being so infectious after all.

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