Daryl Dixon Mentors New Hope For Humanity In Walking Dead Spinoff Character Trailer


Laurent's role in is crucial, with Isabelle stating that he will ""The Union of Hope, a new faction in universe, sees Laurent as a key figure and believes that delivering him to his destination will help restore humanity.Laurent's journey with Daryl through France may hold secrets about the Walker virus or the creation of the virus, which could shape the future of humanity.

A new character trailer for sees Daryl mentoring a new hope for humanity. The spinoff series follows Daryl after the events of , where he's washed ashore in France and is trying to return home. However, he is soon tasked with delivering a young boy named Laurent across France, as he is somehow connected to a mysterious group's efforts to save humanity.

Now, has released a character trailer highlighting Laurent and his role in .

The trailer hints at Laurent's importance in the series, with another new character, Isabelle, saying he will "." For now, it's unclear what his role in reviving humanity is, nor why Daryl is taking him on a journey through France.

Why Is Laurent So Important In The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon?

Not much is clear as to why Daryl will be delivering Laurent across France during his upcoming spinoff. For now, all that's known is Laurent holds major importance to calling themselves the Union of Hope.

Somehow, his delivery to wherever Daryl is taking him will help aid in humanity going back to the way things used to be.

Based on Isabelle's wording of Laurent being a leader, it appears the young boy has some knowledge that will assist in giving humanity a fighting chance in the zombie apocalypse. This could signal that Laurent is immune to the Walker virus. If so, this would make his journey with Daryl mirror Ellie and Joel's journey from , which aired in January. Laurent may also just have information about the creation of the virus, which could be used by a branch of the Union to uplift humanity's future.

Until premieres on September 10, Laurent's true purpose in the Union of Hope will remain a mystery. However, there's no doubt his journey across France with Daryl will be of vital importance to the spinoff, and possibly to universe as a whole. Despite the dangers Daryl and Laurent will face, it appears their journey will be worth any risks they take.

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