'Yellowstone' Fans Figured Out If Jamie Or Beth Will Die In New Season 5 Episodes

Yellowstone is nearing its end with the conclusion of Season 5 Part 2, and fans have been speculating about how the series will unfold. One theory suggests that there will be a surprise death, with Jamie (Wes Bentley) or Beth (Kelly Reilly) being the potential victims. However, some believe that it will actually be Summer (Piper Perabo) who gets caught in the crossfire.In the midseason finale, Jamie faced repercussions for calling for the Montana governor's impeachment. Both John and Beth agreed that Jamie needed to be taken care of, but Jamie hired his own hitman to eliminate Beth. The theory suggests that the hitman might mistakenly kill Summer instead of Beth, as she is living in John's house and they both have blonde hair.

The Yellowstone fandom has discussed this theory on Reddit, with users sharing their thoughts. Many find it interesting and possible, considering the tension between Beth and Summer. They speculate on how Beth would react if Summer were killed and draw parallels to similar plot twists in other shows, such as Sons of Anarchy.While there haven't been explicit hints about this storyline development, Piper Perabo, the actress who portrays Summer, mentioned that she doesn't know if her character will have a future at the ranch. The possibility of relocating to the 6666 ranch in Texas was introduced in the midseason finale due to a bacterial disease threatening the Yellowstone cattle. Piper expressed uncertainty about Summer's fate and hoped for a commuted sentence or a return to Texas.Overall, these are fan theories and speculations about the upcoming episodes of Yellowstone, and viewers will have to wait and see how the story unfolds in Season 5 Part 2.

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