Fiery Flames of Justice: Danny & Baez's Incredible Showdown in 'Blue Bloods'!

Donnie Wahlberg, known for his role as Detective Danny Reagan on the hit TV show Blue Bloods, discusses his positive and upbeat approach to work and making people happy. He acknowledges that his optimism may annoy some people, but he believes it helps get through tough days on set. Wahlberg also talks about how the show takes its fans into consideration when developing storylines and teases an upcoming intense episode that deepens the bond between his character and his partner, Detective Maria Baez. Additionally, he shares his close relationship with Tom Selleck, who plays his on-screen dad, and discusses a reunion with Selleck's former Magnum P.I. costar. Wahlberg expresses his dedication to the show and his commitment to stay as long as the other cast members want to continue.

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