Daryl Dixon Reviews Praise Walking Dead Spinoff As Best The Franchise Has Seen In Years!

What The Daryl Dixon Reviews Tell Us About The Show

While remained a hit show for AMC throughout its 11-season run, there's no denying that the popularity of and general enthusiasm for the series waned as it approached its conclusion. It's been a similar situation for , the first spinoff, and have been mostly positive, but that show hasn't been the fresh departure that the franchise arguably needs.

The reviews for Daryl's spinoff, however, suggest that this new spinoff might be just that.

The on-location shooting in France seems to be doing a lot of heavy lifting in terms of differentiating the show from what's come before it, but it's not just the scenery that's different. The reviews suggest that this change in setting is also reflected well in 's new characters, such as those played by Clémence Poésy and Laïka Blanc-Francard.

Most of the reviews note that , of a gruff man escorting a child who might be the key to a cure across a post-apocalyptic landscape, is similar to HBO's . Most seem to agree, however, that beyond the surface-level similarities, the two shows are thankfully very different. Also of note is the fact that reviews mention featuring mysteriously updated zombies, which seemingly elevate several standout action sequences. In all, the new series looks to be a step in the right direction.

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