Who Is The Best Couple In Yellowstone Universe?

The expanding Yellowstone universe, with the addition of 1883 and 1923, continues to provide us with more insight into the Dutton family tree and the history of their renowned ranch. Amidst all the drama and violence that often characterizes the Yellowstone universe, there is also a fair share of romance.

From the whirlwind romance of Spencer and Alexandra to the tumultuous relationship of Kayce and Monica, the Yellowstone-verse showcases a variety of couples, some more endearing than others. Let's rank the best couples in the Yellowstone universe (including Yellowstone, 1883, and 1923) from worst to best:

10. John Dutton Sr. and Emma Dutton (1923)

Although their time together is cut short due to their untimely deaths, it is evident that John and Emma had a happy and loving marriage. Both content with their lives, working on the ranch, their story ends tragically when John is killed by the sheepherder Banner Creighton. Overwhelmed by grief, Emma takes her own life, believing there is nothing left to live for.

9. Colby and Teeter (Yellowstone)

Colby and Teeter, both members of the bunkhouse, initially take some time to build their romance. However, bonding over a traumatic incident, they share their first kiss after being attacked by Wade and Clint Morrow.

Their relationship remains solid and strong.

8. Kayce Dutton and Monica Dutton (Yellowstone)

Kayce and Monica's relationship quickly progresses when Monica becomes pregnant early on. However, their journey is far from perfect, with Monica moving out due to concerns about their son Tate's safety. She establishes her own place, but during physical therapy, she engages in a short-lived fling with her therapist, realizing her love for Kayce and subsequently ending the affair. Although they rekindle their romance, their marriage's future remains uncertain.

7. Elsa Dutton and Sam (1883)

Elsa and Sam's passionate relationship is tragically cut short.

Their instant chemistry leads to a quickly progressing relationship, with plans to spend their lives together. Unfortunately, we never get to witness their future as Elsa dies from an arrow wound.

6. Jimmy Hurdstram and Emily (Yellowstone)

Upon Jimmy's arrival at the 6666 Ranch in Texas, he wastes no time in pursuing Emily. Their romance blossoms rapidly, and after a short period of dating, they become engaged. Clearly in love, Emily is willing to go wherever Jimmy goes.

5. Jack Dutton and Elizabeth Dutton (1923)

Naive but deeply in love, Jack and Elizabeth face challenges when they have to postpone their wedding to move cattle.

However, Elizabeth realizes Jack's job commitment and they reconcile. Despite occasional struggles stemming from Jack's dedication to his work, their relationship grows stronger after Elizabeth experiences a miscarriage.

4. Beth Dutton and Rip Wheeler (Yellowstone)

A favorite couple among many Yellowstone fans, Beth and Rip have faced many challenges together and always stand by each other's side. Teenage sweethearts who reunited as adults, both have experienced loss, fostering a deep connection. The intimate and romantic wedding ceremony between Beth and Rip highlights their devotion, but occasional toxic behavior from Beth towards Rip and others keeps them from ranking higher.

3. James Dutton and Margaret Dutton (1883)

The love between James and Margaret serves as the foundation of the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch. In search of a better life for their family, they join a European wagon train heading West. Despite numerous trials, their love perseveres as they fight for each other and their family's future.

2. Spencer Dutton and Alexandra Dutton (1923)

Sparks fly between Spencer and Alexandra from the moment they meet, leading Alexandra to abandon her fiancé Arthur and run away with Spencer. Their chemistry is instant, and despite finding themselves in dangerous situations, their love only grows stronger.

They seize the first opportunity to marry, unafraid to express their affection.

1. Jacob Dutton and Cara Dutton (1923)

Despite their age, Jacob and Cara's love remains unwavering. Affectionate and always prioritizing each other, their bond stands strong. Though they have no biological children, they raised John and Spencer after James and Margaret's deaths. Jacob and Cara fight unitedly for their cherished ranch.

With the Yellowstone universe expanding, these couples continue to capture our hearts with their various love stories, further enriching the world of Yellowstone.

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