The 'Yellowstone' Team Is Throwing It Back to '1944'

The Yellowstone universe is set to expand further with three new projects on the horizon, according to creator Taylor Sheridan. First up is Season Five, Part Two of Yellowstone, which will conclude the modern Dutton family saga. Following that, the focus will shift to the Matthew McConaughey-led sequel, tentatively titled 2024. But that's not all for Yellowstone fans, as a new spinoff called 1944 will explore the Dutton family's past over a different decade. Unlike the 40-year gap between the events of 1883 and 1923, the spinoff series will only move forward 21 years in time. While none of the cast members from 1883 returned for 1923, it's possible that some of the younger stars from 1923 will carry over into another series within the Sheridan universe.

Although no casting announcements have been made, it seemed at the end of 1923's first season that Spencer Dutton (played by Brandon Sklenar) and Alexandra (played by Julia Schlaepfer) were being set up as the future of the Dutton family. However, their fate may depend on who survives the second season of 1923. In addition to the recent premiere of the Lawmen: Bass Reeves series set in 1944, there is also more 1923 content on the way. As for what will happen in 1944, nothing has been officially announced yet, but given the historical context, it's likely that the Second World War will play a significant role.

Since Spencer Dutton fought in the first World War prior to the events of 1923, there's a possibility that he may be drafted to serve in World War II as well. The infamous D-Day landing in June 1944 could also be a pivotal moment in the storyline. It's plausible that 1944 will revolve around the family's ranching history during a time when most able-bodied men were serving overseas. As for the premiere date of 1944, it remains uncertain. The next release for any Yellowstone series will be the end of the flagship show, with Season Five slated for November 2024.

The ongoing strikes by the Writers Guild of America (WGA) and the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) have caused delays in filming for new projects, which means that 1923's second season will be released later than originally planned.

Similarly, the newly announced 1944 and 2024 spinoffs do not have confirmed release dates yet.

There is also uncertainty surrounding the status of the fan-favorite 6666 Ranch spinoff. However, fans of the Duttons can rest assured that there will be plenty of Yellowstone action coming their way in the future. Josh Rosenberg, Assistant Editor at Esquire, will be keeping a close eye on all the Yellowstone developments. With a passion for movies, he watches one film a day and has previously contributed to Spin, CBR, and his personal blog at

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