Who Is The Dama in The Walking Dead: Dead City?

In the TV series The Walking Dead: Dead City, a new character named The Dama is introduced late in the game. Played by Lisa Emery, The Dama is a mysterious leader who has been keeping The Croat, the current leader of the survivors in Manhattan, in check. The true nature of their partnership is finally revealed when The Croat visits The Dama to report his failure in finding Negan.

The Dama's position in the hierarchy is ambiguous. While The Croat seems to be the face of the operation, he often refers to both of them as "we," implying they are equal partners. However, The Croat's fearful demeanor suggests that The Dama holds more influence over him. Their ultimate goal is to build a sustainable community that can withstand the threat of the New Babylon marshals, and they believe that Negan holds the key to achieving this. The name "The Dama" may sound cartoonish, but it follows the tradition of iconic villain code names in The Walking Dead universe.

The origins of the name are not confirmed, but it is likely to have Croatian origins, given The Croat's association with The Dama. Interestingly, "dama" means "lady" in Croatian, which suggests that she may also be Croatian or that The Croat gave her the nickname. The nature of their relationship and how they formed their partnership remains to be explored. The Dama's arrival promises to shake things up in the series, as she becomes a bigger force to be reckoned with compared to The Croat. The Season 1 finale of The Walking Dead: Dead City will air next Sunday on AMC, and viewers will hopefully get answers to the questions surrounding The Dama's character.

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