The Worst Friends Episode Of Each Season, According To IMDb

The lowest-rated episodes of each season of Friends, according to their IMDb score, were compiled. While the reasons for the lower ratings vary, some common themes occur, such as clip-heavy episodes and episodes with no memorable moments or jokes that did not land. The lowest-rated episode in season one was "The One With The Evil Orthodontist," while season two's was "The One With Phoebe's Dad." In season three, it was "The One With Phoebe's Ex-Partner." The lowest-rated episode in season four was "The One With The Invitation," while season five's was "The One Where Rachel Smokes." "The One With Mac And C.H.E.E.S.E." was the lowest-rated episode of season six, while season seven's was "The One With The Vows," and season eight's was "The One With Joey's Interview." Season nine's low-rated episode was "The One With Christmas In Tulsa," while season ten's was "The One Where Chandler Gets Caught."

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