Top 10 Hilarious Lisa Kudrow Friends Bloopers Will Make You Laugh To Cry!

In this article, we will delve into the top ten hilarious bloopers of Lisa Kudrow from the popular TV show "Friends." Lisa Kudrow played the iconic role of Phoebe Buffay, a quirky and eccentric character that provided many comedic moments throughout the series.

1) The first blooper involves an iconic scene where Phoebe plays her guitar and sings her signature song, "Smelly Cat." In this blooper, Kudrow's guitar string breaks mid-song, causing her to burst into laughter.

2) Another hilarious moment occurs when Phoebe is attempting to seduce her boyfriend Mike by singing a sensual ballad. Kudrow accidentally trips on a rug and falls, completely breaking the romantic atmosphere.

3) In one episode, Phoebe is trying to teach Joey how to speak French. However, Kudrow forgets her lines and instead utters gibberish words, leaving her co-stars in fits of laughter.

4) During a Thanksgiving episode, Phoebe and Chandler are tasked with entertaining the guests. Kudrow ad-libs a joke about mashed potatoes being "fluffier than Chandler's hair," causing her co-stars to burst into laughter.

5) In a blooper from the famous "Pivot!" scene, where Ross tries to move a couch up the stairs, Lisa Kudrow accidentally walks in at the wrong time, disrupting the scene and resulting in a comical moment.

6) Another memorable blooper occurs when Phoebe is pretending to be a cop in an attempt to intimidate Joey. Kudrow forgets her lines and instead starts speaking in a Southern accent, confusing her castmates.

7) In one episode, Phoebe and Monica compete in a game of ping pong. During a particularly intense moment, Kudrow accidentally throws the ping pong ball at Jennifer Aniston's face, resulting in uncontrollable laughter from the entire cast.

8) During a blooper from a Thanksgiving episode, Phoebe and Rachel are supposed to spill a dessert on Joey's pants as part of a prank. However, Lisa Kudrow accidentally spills the dessert on herself instead, leading to genuine laughter from her co-stars.

9) In a memorable scene where Phoebe is having her fortune read, Kudrow mispronounces the word "phalanges" as "flanges," causing her co-stars to erupt in laughter.

10) The final blooper involves a scene where Phoebe is giving birth to triplets. Kudrow accidentally drops one of the babies, causing the laughter to be as genuine and hilarious as ever.

These bloopers highlight Lisa Kudrow's incredible comedic talent and ability to bring laughter to her castmates and the viewers. Her impeccable timing and willingness to go with the flow make these bloopers some of the most memorable moments from the show "Friends." Lisa Kudrow's portrayal of Phoebe Buffay will always be cherished as one of the funniest and most beloved characters in television history.

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