Top 10 Friends Episodes That Should Have Been Made! Do You Agree?

The article discusses the top 10 episodes of the popular sitcom "Friends" that fans believe should have been made. "Friends" aired from 1994 to 2004 and was widely loved for its hilarious and relatable characters. However, despite its successful run, there are episodes that fans wish had been created but were not.

One episode that fans think should have been made is called "The Post-Rachel Era." This hypothetical episode takes place after Rachel Green, one of the central characters, moves to Paris in the series finale. Fans believe it would have been interesting to see how the remaining friends cope with her absence and how their dynamics shift.

Another potential episode fans would have loved to see is "The Lost Year." This episode would have explored the gap between Monica and Chandler's proposal and their wedding. Fans are curious about the events and struggles that took place during this time and believe it would have made for entertaining television.

Fans also wish for an episode titled "The Baby Shower." This episode would have been centered around Monica and Chandler's journey to become parents as they throw a baby shower. It would have been heartwarming to witness the friends come together to celebrate this joyous occasion.

Additionally, fans crave an episode titled "The Thanksgiving Rivalry.

" Thanksgiving episodes were a staple in the "Friends" series, but fans long for a more intense rivalry between Monica and Ross when it comes to hosting the holiday. The episode would have showcased the hilarious competition between the siblings and their determination to outdo each other.

"The Last One: Extended Version" is another hypothetical episode that fans believe should have been made. The series finale of "Friends" left many fans emotional, but they wish there was an extended version that delved deeper into the characters' futures and provided more closure to their storylines.

Another episode that fans desire is titled "The College Reunion." This episode would have reunited the friends with their college buddies, giving viewers a glimpse into their past lives and the bond they shared before becoming adults.

Fans also wish for an episode called "The Triple Date." This episode would have featured the three main couples - Ross and Rachel, Monica and Chandler, and Phoebe and Mike - going on a triple date. It would have been entertaining to see the dynamics between the couples and the challenges they face while trying to have a successful night out.

Another potential episode is "The One with the High School Prom.

" Fans would have loved to see the characters reunite for their high school prom, providing a nostalgic trip down memory lane and offering a chance to explore their teenage selves.

"The One with the Apartment Swap" is also on fans' wish list. This episode would have involved the friends swapping apartments temporarily, leading to humorous situations and possibly revealing hidden secrets or habits.

Finally, fans dream of an episode titled "The Friends Reunion". While a "Friends" reunion special was recently released, fans still wish for an in-universe episode where the characters themselves reminisce and catch up with each other.

In conclusion, "Friends" fans long for several episodes that were never made, including ones exploring the dynamics after Rachel's departure, the gap between Monica and Chandler's engagement and wedding, and the group's interactions in various scenarios. Although the series concluded over a decade ago, fans still hold hope for more glimpses into the lives of their favorite sitcom characters.

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