Top 20 Friends Mistakes That Were Kept in the Show!

The popular sitcom "Friends" is undoubtedly one of the most beloved shows in television history. However, even a show as well-crafted as "Friends" is not immune to mistakes. In fact, there were several noticeable blunders throughout the series that somehow made it to the final cut. Here are the top 20 mistakes that were kept in the show, much to the amusement and curiosity of fans.

One prevalent mistake in "Friends" is regarding the infamous Central Perk coffee shop. There are several instances where the layout of the coffeehouse changes dramatically between episodes. For instance, the location of the entrance, the placement of the furniture, and even the windows are inconsistent.

Another recurring error revolves around the dates and timelines in the show. In one episode, Ross mentions that his birthday is in December, while in another episode, it is said to be in October. Similarly, there are inconsistencies with the ages of the characters. Phoebe's age, for example, changes several times throughout the series.

Continuity errors are also evident in the wardrobe choices of the characters. There are instances where they are seen wearing the same clothes in consecutive episodes, implying no passage of time. This discrepancy is particularly noticeable in episodes that are meant to be taking place on different days.

The positioning of props and objects within scenes is yet another area where mistakes occurred. For instance, in one episode, Ross is shown adjusting a lamp. However, in the next shot, the lamp mysteriously moves to a completely different position. Similarly, the position of food and drinks on tables often changes between shots.

The appearance and disappearance of various supporting characters also add to the list of mistakes in "Friends". Several characters, such as Phoebe's sister Ursula, seem to conveniently come and go as the plot requires, without any explanation.

Furthermore, there is an inconsistency regarding the location of Monica's apartment. In the earlier seasons, her apartment is on a higher floor, but in later seasons, it becomes an end unit on a lower floor. This discrepancy adds to the confusion, leaving fans wondering if the characters have magically switched apartments.

These mistakes, although noticeable, did not affect the overall enjoyment of the show for fans. In fact, they often added an element of fun and surprise, providing fans with something to discuss and speculate about. Despite these slip-ups, "Friends" remains a timeless sitcom that continues to capture the hearts of viewers worldwide.

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