‘1923’: Brandon Sklenar Teases Spencer Dutton’s ‘Hero’s Journey’!

Cara Dutton begs Spencer to come home in ‘1923’

In , Spencer Dutton is the youngest and only surviving child of James and Margaret Dutton. His sister Elsa died before he was born, and Banner Creighton killed John in episode 3. Now the fate of the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch depends on Spencer coming home.

Three months after John’s death, Spencer receives Cara’s letter begging him to come home. The midseason trailer for shows Alex and Spencer sailing to America. Unfortunately, the pair run into trouble on their voyage, and Spencer battles what looks like an approaching shark.

Brandon Sklenar teases his character’s ‘hero’s journey’ to save the ranch in Montana

 will look very different when the series returns with episode 5. In a previous interview with The Hollywood Reporter, John actor James Badge Dale described the show’s first three episodes as a kind of “prologue” that serves to get Spencer home.

Dale added that the scene where Cara shoots a man in the woods is where the story really begins. “This is where the story starts,” Dale added. “With the first scene you see in episode one, that’s the beginning of the story.

When returns, Spencer eventually reunites with his family in Montana. “I can say that there is not only a definite shift in the story itself but also in him as a person from this moment forward,” Spencer actor Brandon Sklenar told The Hollywood Reporter in a separate interview.

“It’s the hero’s journey, and his calling to go home does propel the story. It’s not an easy journey. It’s filled with challenges. Spencer and Alex both have a lot to overcome before he can get there. Taylor doesn’t make it easy on anybody in writing these shows.”

How long will it take for Spencer and Alexandra to travel to America?

 included a sneaky time jump, revealing at the end of episode 4 that Spencer doesn’t learn of his brother’s death until three months later. The series may jump forward in time even more when the show returns.

Alex and Spencer’s journey to America will likely take somewhere between two and three months, not including the time it takes them to find a ride. While fans will certainly see some of the journeys, probably won’t devote multiple episodes to their journey home.

The midseason teaser for  also shows Jacob Dutton walking around with the help of a cane, showing that some time has passed and allowed him to recover.

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