10 Ways Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon's Ending Sets Up Season 2

"The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon Season 1 Finale and Clues for Season 2"

The season 1 finale of The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon left unanswered questions and hints for what to expect in season 2. The finale featured an impending battle with zombies, leaving the fate of the main characters uncertain. Carol returns and becomes more intriguing as she tries to track down Daryl. Her arrival will create turmoil for Daryl and force him to consider coming home. Daryl's attachment to Laurent will keep them together, regardless of his choice to stay in France or return to America. The beautiful commune of Mont Saint-Michel in Normandy is likely to become their base.

Genet, the antagonist, becomes more determined to fight against Daryl. Codron, who has been hunting Daryl, saves him and Laurent but promises to return. Daryl forms a close bond with Isabelle, a nun, and they become co-parents for Laurent. The show explores the conflict of finding a home for Daryl and the responsibilities he left behind in America.

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