The Big Bang Theory Meets Friends: 5 Couples That Would Work and 5 That Wouldn't!

and are two of the biggest sitcoms to ever air on television. While they're many years apart, and have both come to an end, fans are still binging these hit shows from start to finish. Every fan of these comedy series knows Ross and Rachel or Sheldon and Amy, but have fans ever considered a cross-over episode?

It's hard to picture Leonard with anyone other than Penny, or Chandler without Monica, but maybe these characters could find in another place - or another sitcom. If these two shows met, here are the couples that would probably work, and the ones that definitely would not.

Would Work: Amy & Joey

Fans might remember when Amy had a crush on Zack, and this could kind of be like that. While Amy probably needs someone that cares a bit more about intellect and science, these two could still have a sweet and fun relationship.

, but Amy could use someone that's a bit more fun and spontaneous. Joey would treat her like gold, and while they're not a couple anyone might think of, it might actually work.

Would Not Work: Sheldon & Monica

These two like things to be their own way, and that's an understatement. Thinking about Sheldon and Monica trying to organize an apartment together is probably characters could never make things work.

At the very most, they'd probably argue with each other until the rest of their friends long disappeared. When it comes to compatibility in romance, these two definitely don't match up.

Would Work: Leonard & Phoebe

This might be on the list because fans are still dreaming of a universe where David and Phoebe ended up together. While no one has anything against Phoebe and Mike, there's something to say about Phoebe being with a smart, down-to-earth, and kind guy.

Leonard can definitely fill these shoes, and these two would make for an interesting dynamic. Leonard could be the sweetness to her fire, but she would also encourage him to try new things and be more carefree.

Would Not Work: Bernadette & Ross

When it comes to fiery personalities, these two bombshells would definitely crash and burn together. They both are super caring and selfless, but they can also be pretty explosive and stubborn. , and two of these don't usually mesh together.

They both would probably have a pretty stellar relationship when it comes to work and success, but they likely wouldn't be able to sort out their differences (and similarities) when it comes to making decisions.

Would Work: Penny & Rachel

These two would either have the best friendship ever or the best romance, and fans would definitely support either of them. They are basically each other on their own respective shows, but somehow, their similarities might actually work together.

They have the same interests, same wit, and same values, but they're both kind and motivated to follow their heart and dreams. They'd support each other for sure, and would definitely have a ton of fun together.

Would Not Work: Howard & Rachel

This situation would be a lot like that of Howard and Penny. It's not to say that Rachel was way out of Howard's league, .

Rachel wouldn't entertain Howard for more than a minute, and while they could talk about fashion, Rachel would probably be disgusted by his choices. These two just aren't on the same wavelength, and wouldn't be together in any world.

Would Work: Raj & Monica

This might take a second to really think about, but it might actually work. Raj has a sweet personality like Chandler, but he's also a bit more sensitive and motivated - .

Plus, Monica has the fire and passion that Raj loves in a girl, and these two could totally have a white picket fence with successful careers and beautiful children. They'd definitely find their own balance and romance.

Would Not Work: Penny & Chandler

Penny might get sick of Chandler's sarcastic jokes, and Chandler would probably tire of Penny's sass. These two aren't the worst match out there, but they definitely wouldn't last long. There's nothing about them that just clicks.

There'd be a pretty lackluster romance when it comes to these two, and they'd both probably regret it years down the road - if they lasted that long. Penny and Chandler both need some more spunk, and someone to challenge them.

Would Work: Amy & Chandler

There's something about this pairing that's kind of wholesome and sweet. Amy might bring out the softer side of Chandler, but they . Plus, they'd definitely support each other through thick and thin.

These two have pretty charming personalities, and they'd probably live a happy life where they both worked on their career, but also just had an easy going lifestyle with no bad moods or headaches.

Would Not Work: Leonard & Monica

While these two characters are pretty smart, and are arguably the 'core' of their respective groups, that is one reason they shouldn't be together. Leonard's sensitive side might actually drive crazy, while Monica's fire might scare Leonard away.

Plus, they're both stubborn and defensive, and they'd likely just give each other the silent treatment for a long, long time. These two personalities just don't mesh, and their romance definitely wouldn't ignite.