Yellowstone Co-Stars Are Allegedly Getting Sick Of Kevin Costner's Antics

Kevin Costner, the star of the hit TV show "Yellowstone," is reportedly causing frustration among his co-stars due to his behavior on set. According to sources, his alleged antics have led to some of his colleagues growing tired of working with him.

The article highlights that while Costner is undeniably a talented actor, his behavior has become a cause for concern for those working alongside him. Sources claim that he often arrives late to set, causing delays and disrupting the production schedule. This tardiness reportedly affects everyone involved in the show, from cast members to crew.

Furthermore, the actor is said to have a tendency to make unreasonable demands, which have placed additional pressure on the production team.

These requests allegedly range from changes to his scenes to modifications in the script, causing significant inconvenience and frustration for those trying to meet the demanding shooting schedule.

The article does acknowledge Costner's immense contribution to the success of "Yellowstone." As the lead actor and one of the executive producers, his involvement has undoubtedly played a crucial role in attracting viewers. However, the alleged negative impact of his behavior appears to be overshadowing his talent.

Additionally, sources indicate that some of Costner's co-stars are growing weary of his attitude.

His reported diva-like behavior and the feeling of entitlement have resulted in strained relationships within the cast. This tension, if left unresolved, could potentially harm the overall dynamic of the show and affect the viewer experience.

It is worth noting that the allegations made in the article are purely speculative and have not been confirmed by Costner or any official sources. However, they shed light on the reported frustration and growing discontent among some of the "Yellowstone" cast and crew members.

In conclusion, the article states that while Kevin Costner's acting skills are widely recognized, his alleged on-set behavior has caused dissatisfaction among his co-stars. From arriving late to making unreasonable demands, his actions reportedly contribute to a strained atmosphere on set. Consequently, some of his colleagues are said to be growing tired of working with him, raising concerns about the show's future if these issues persist.

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