The Beth Plot Hole You Probably Missed On Yellowstone

The article discusses a plot hole in the TV show Yellowstone regarding the character Beth. The author claims that viewers may have missed a significant plot hole involving Beth and her actions in the show.

Beth is portrayed as a cunning and manipulative character on the show. However, the author argues that there is an inconsistency in her actions that could be considered a plot hole. In one scene, Beth is shown making a deal with a rival group to secure a peace agreement. This agreement involves Beth sacrificing one of her family's properties. The author finds this hard to believe, as Beth is known to be fiercely loyal to her family and would not willingly give up their property.

Furthermore, the author points out that Beth's actions in this scene contradict her previous behavior. In earlier episodes, she is depicted as doing whatever it takes to protect Yellowstone Ranch, even resorting to extreme measures. This inconsistency raises questions about Beth's character development and her motivations.

The article suggests that this plot hole may have been overlooked by viewers because the show is filled with complex and layered storylines. However, the inconsistency in Beth's actions should not be ignored, as it undermines the credibility of the character and the overall narrative of the show.

The author also raises another point regarding this plot hole. Beth's decision to give up the property is crucial to the rival group's plans for expansion. However, the author argues that it would have been more realistic for Beth to find an alternative solution to ensure her family's interests were protected. This would have showcased her resourcefulness and cunning nature, which are key aspects of her character.

In conclusion, the article highlights a plot hole in the TV show Yellowstone involving the character Beth. The inconsistency in her actions, specifically her decision to sacrifice her family's property, goes against her previously established character traits. The author suggests that this plot hole may have been overlooked due to the complexity of the show. However, addressing these inconsistencies is essential to maintain the credibility and integrity of the characters and the overall storyline.

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