10 Ross And Rachel Memes That Are Too Hilarious For Words Will Make You Laugh To Cry!

Ross and Rachel. Rachel and Ross. The two were no doubt couple of the 1990s and early 2000s. The couple that spawned the great (and perhaps on occasion overused) debate of "" is forever engraved in pop culture; Ross and Rachel are important components of that pop culture. There are plenty of laughable and cringe-worthy moments alike that derive from their moments together (like their rushed Las Vegas wedding or their heartbreaking break-up moments). These moments are also inspiration for some of the most hilarious Ross and Rachel memes to ever exist: 10 of which we'll be sharing with you now.

When Someone Says...

Considering the significantly sized fan base associated with you'd best watch your step about what you say, as these fans can tend to get defensive. Especially when it comes to anything concerning Ross (David Schwimmer) and Rachel (Jennifer Aniston). Ross and Rachel were the couple that everyone loved and supported; they were as heartbroken as Ross and Rachel were themselves to see it end and hopeful every season when it seemed as though they might repair their broken relationship. If you don't like Ross and Rachel, keep this meme in mind...plus, it's probably a good idea to keep your thoughts to yourself.

Oh And By The Way...

Everyone knows how particular Ross is about proper grammar and enunciation. It's portrayed as one of Ross's more annoying qualities (alongside his need to always be right) and it pops up from time to time. In this instance, his attention to grammar is utilized to point out mistakes Rachel made on her insanely long letter to him while in the middle of their fight. Just when it seems they're about to get together following a trip to the beach, everything blows up and falls apart all over again as Ross can't allow himself to accept responsibility for everything that went wrong in his relationship with Rachel previously. Ross really should keep some thoughts to himself and spare himself the agony; yet if he had, we wouldn't have this memorable moment on the show...or the subsequent meme.

God That Is The Most Beautiful Engagement Ring Ever!

Ross and Rachel aren't afraid to hit where it hurts most. They know each other so well and it's both a good and bad thing depending on the situation. They're not strangers to giving each other a brutally difficult time, like in this meme where Ross points out that Rachel is the one wife that didn't receive a beautiful engagement ring (though technically she started it by making a jab at Ross's many marriages). In true fashion, it's given a lighthearted tone but that doesn't lessen the brutality of the jab on Ross's part. Luckily, Rachel usually has something to fire back. These brutal exchanges become some of the more comedic moments on the show...even if they are viciously mean.

I Don't Get Why People Consider Ross And Rachel's Relationship "Romantic"...

There may not be much humor in this meme, but for those of us who know the show, we get what they mean. Ross and Rachel's relationship isn't the most functional. We admit it. Yet we love it so much because we just want it to work so much; we project pieces of ourselves because we can relate to certain issues of theirs and we just want them to work it out and have a happy ending. We all want happy endings, don't we? Even if Ross and Rachel have their issues, it's given us plenty of laughs and iconic moments, despite all the manipulation, jealousy, etc...

It's Fine. I'm Not Mad. I'm Just Not Going.

In a Season 3 episode, Ross is rushing around like a madman trying to make sure everyone is ready in time to get to an event that night. Problems keep arising everywhere; Joey (Matt LeBlanc) and Chandler (Matthew Perry) are constantly bickering, Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow) has a wardrobe malfunction, Monica (Courteney Cox) frets over Richard and Rachel's taking forever to select an outfit. Ross, in a moment of frustration, loses it and yells at Rachel, who goes to her room only to return in pajamas stating she won't be attending. Humiliated in front of her friends, she claims she's not angry at Ross, but Ross knows better--he'll pay for it later because she's definitely mad even if she doesn't say so. Rachel has a tendency to be petty but luckily Ross for his part apologizes and they work everything out, but this was still a moment anyone in any relationship could relate to. We were all cringing when Ross yelled at Rachel; knowing that was the wrong move.

Ross Geller...

For being nerdy and awkward around women, Ross was surprisingly able to get Rachel out of the friend zone on multiple occasions. At the end of the series, the two end up together (and we hope it stayed that way, though considering their history it wouldn't be surprising if they'd broken up once or twice since then). For anyone needing pointers on how to get the same girl out of the friend zone at different times, Ross is your guy to go to for mentoring on the situation. It's just funny that he and Rachel kept leaving the friend zone, returning to it, and then leaving again without the world imploding.

You're Over Me...When Were You Under Me?

Definitely a dirty joke moment here. In a serious moment, Ross still manages to make it funny. This meme illustrates that, reminding us of a precious moment on the series in which Ross finally finds out Rachel returns his feelings, and shortly afterwards they get together for the first time. Rachel leaving a drunken message on Ross's machine may not have been the best or most romantic gesture, but it certainly moved them forward in their budding relationship. Meanwhile, we're still laughing at this quotable moment.

Ross This Is Dr. McNeely...

In a Season 6 episode, a nervous Ross, who has recently undertaken a teaching job at NYU, is faced with a room full of students and when he speaks, a fake English accent comes out. Rachel and Monica find out and later prank call him, making fun of him by offering him to come on-board full-time at the "Fake Accent University." What makes this so funny is that despite everything, Rachel and Ross can still poke at each other lightheartedly and just make fun of things that happen in life. Of course, later in the episode Rachel finds out the two are still married (following their rushed nuptials in Las Vegas) and she goes to NYU to yell at him in front of his students...sometimes good humor just doesn't last.

Well Hello Mrs. Ross!

While in Las Vegas to surprise Joey, Ross and Rachel in a wildly drunken moment of insanity decide to tie the knot. Now, this is one of the funniest Ross and Rachel moments not only because of how crazy they were acting as they burst out of the chapel, but because of what led up to it. The two leave later than the others for Nevada, and in that time Ross mistakenly believes Rachel wants to sleep with him. Rachel teases him for it and the two hilariously embarrass each other for the duration of the plane ride. It's all fun and games until the mustache Ross drew on Rachel's face won't come off, which leads to a drunken night and their marriage. Hello Mrs. Ross indeed.

(In Squeaky Voice) I'm Fine!

When Ross first finds out about Joey and Rachel, he doesn't react too well. Initially he stands in the doorway in shock upon catching them kissing, then proceeds to tell them "" in a high squeaky voice alongside a contorted facial expression. He goes on to invite them to a disastrous dinner of fajitas and margaritas at his apartment; it's clear that he's anything fine with their relationship. Considering by this time he and Rachel have recently had a daughter, it's understandable that Ross would have trouble comprehending the idea. It's also one of Ross's funniest meltdowns (though we do sympathize with him) and definitely one of the more memorable moments between Ross and Rachel.

Ross and Rachel have a complicated history but always seem to come out of it just in time to find one another. Love and relationships aren't easy; Ross and Rachel know that better than most. Through their struggles, we learned, we laughed, we cringed...and then we made memes.

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