A Yellowstone Spinoff Focused on Kelly Reilly’s Beth Should Be a No-Brainer, Here’s Why

Yellowstone co-creator Taylor Sheridan has already hinted that Kelly Reilly’s polarizing Beth Dutton likely won’t cross over to the in-the-works Paramount+ offshoot of the hit drama that we all expect to star Matthew McConaughey.

“My idea of a spinoff is the same as my idea of a prequel,” the EP told our sister site The Hollywood Reporter. “Read into that what you will.”

But even if Sheridan is ready and/or willing to let go of Beth, we’re not. So we’d green-light a new series that goes off to college with the firebrand, played in her teens by Kylie Rogers. We already know that we’d be in for a wild ride.

As a grownup Beth once quipped to ill-fated sparring partner Roarke, “I ran out of things to do for the first time when I was 20.”

“That paints quite a picture,” he replied. Indeed, it does. However, the show wouldn’t just be Sex and the Campus, as it would allow us to watch as the tornado in cowgirl boots cements her cynical worldview and sharpens her mind to the point that she can use it to shank Jamie, the adopted brother she despises. (We pity the fools on whom she’d test out her increasingly weaponized brain!)

Perhaps best of all, the spinoff would allow Reilly to keep playing Beth, too, as it cuts back and forth between the character’s college years and a present-day in which she’s serving time for Jamie’s murder. Can any of us not imagine John’s only daughter making the jailhouse rock? Didn’t think so.

Yellowstone’s Cole Hauser says “hell yeah” to Rip and Beth spin-off

Cole Hauser is more than ready for a Yellowstone spin-off which focuses on Beth Dutton and Rip Wheeler, and he was enthusiastic about the idea a year ago.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight a year ago, Hauser seemed extremely open to a Beth and Rip spin-off; “Hell yeah, I would love to continue working with her [Kelly Reilly]. And Taylor (Sheridan, creator of Yellowstone). That’s why I say yes, and I think, if it presented itself of course I’d definitely entertain it.” He added “You’d never know what her and I could get into. With Taylor writing, it could be a really interesting show.”

If you have a better idea for a Yellowstone spinoff, drop it in a comment below.

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