Yellowstone Basically Threw This Character Out the Window, And No, Flashbacks Didn’t Make it Right!!

Being a left out sibling is not what everyone dreams of.

With Taylor Sheridan's Yellowstone coming to an end after the upcoming release of the second part of season 5, it might be the right time to analyze the series a bit. And no, this time it's not the Kevin Costner behind-the-scenes drama we are going to talk about.

Many of you may not remember, but John Dutton initially had more children than were in the spotlight for the last few years. With Kayce, Beth and even Jaime in the picture, the fans (along with the writers and the director) seemed to have forgotten probably the one character that was worth remembering.

And it's Dave Annable's Lee Dutton.

Well, if this name doesn't ring a bell it's no surprise. Lee only appeared in the extended pilot episode in season 1. He was actually the first in line to inherit Dutton throne, but things got complicated.

At the end of the episode, something terrible happens to Lee. There was a fight on the border of the Dutton Ranch and the Broken Rock Indian Reservation about the cattle, and Lee got caught in the middle of it and then murdered by Monica Dutton's (Kayce's wife's) brother.

Yeah, sure, after that, Kayce kills the man in turn, but that just caused more problems.

And instead of just being a revenge murder, it started the whole war story. And not in the name of Lee...

Now, despite the fact that fans really wanted to see more of this humble cowboy on the show, they really understood that he was not the best fit for this cold-blooded world that Sheridan had created. But to have him completely forgotten, even by his family members, just seemed odd.

After his character's death, Annable was written off the show. But Lee Dutton actually appeared in later seasons in several childhood flashbacks. But he got some kind of justice in a scene that took place in the final episode of season 4, where he came to Kayce as a memory to confront him about forgetting the old brother.

Of course, that doesn't mean we'll see more of Dave Annable in the coming episodes, but at least Sheridan listened to the fans who complained about Yellowstone forgetting Lee and brought him back for a moment.

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