Rick Grimes' Spinoff Can Finally Redeem a Walking Dead Villain You Thought Was Too Far Gone

The upcoming spinoff of The Walking Dead, titled The Ones Who Live, has generated a lot of excitement for the return of fan-favorite characters Rick Grimes and Michonne. This spinoff may also have the potential to redeem a previously irredeemable villain from the franchise. The Walking Dead has a history of crossovers and narrative twists, and characters from other shows like Fear The Walking Dead may make appearances in the new series. 

One character in particular, Jadis, who joined the Civic Republic Military (CRM) in The Walking Dead: World Beyond, could be redeemed in this spinoff. Despite her extreme loyalty to the CRM, Jadis has shown hints of vulnerability and emotional struggle. 

If Rick can leverage her good qualities, she may be convinced to help him and Michonne escape the CRM, ultimately redeeming herself. Another character, Gabriel, with whom Jadis had a romantic relationship, could also play a role in her redemption arc. The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live premieres on February 25, 2024, on AMC and AMC+.

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