Surprising Secret! Nobody Wanted Joey And Rachel Together On 'Friends' But Why Did The Creator Do It Anyway?

Matt LeBlanc himself rejected the Rachel and Joey storyline on Friends, nonetheless, creator David Crane wanted to see it for a few reasons.

Looking back on the decade long run of , the sitcom had a few storylines they could have opted out of. For fans in particular, one that always stands out is the romance between Joey and Rachel.

Not only did the fans despise the moment, but the cast wasn't exactly thrilled either. , given that he didn't believe Joey would do this to a close friend.

We'll reveal throughout the article why the creators thought otherwise.

In truth, fans would have much rather 

Despite the objections, David Crane had a clear vision for the story between Rachel and Joey. It was a completely different outlook to Monica and Chandler's romance.

We'll start off the article by documenting what went on between the other two, and how Monica and Chandler forced the show to change their plans on the romance.

Monica And Chandler Getting Together On Friends Was Supposed To Be A Short-Term Storyline

 had a unique way of changing things on the spot and listening to the audience.

Unlike other sitcoms that always go by the script, the creators of  weren't opposed to shooting scenes differently, also allowing the stars to do some improv.

As it turns out, this ended up being the case for Chandler and Monica's romance. Initially, the two were set to get together for a short-term and brief fling. However, it all changed when the audience started giving the new couple huge ovations.

According to the show's writers, . "People got excited about the idea,” he says, including himself among that group. Goldberg-Meehan, however, thought it was simply too soon in the show’s life to introduce another couple.


The moment ended up taking place and in truth, Chandler and Monica getting caught together in bed was only done to create an exciting moment for an hour-long season finale. However, given the reaction, 

"So with Monica and Chandler, “There were plans, but there was no [final] decision,” he says. “It was always, ‘We’re gonna see how it feels … We’re gonna see how it plays to the audience,’ and then go forward from there. It was sound producing on their part.”

Clearly, the reaction was a positive one and the show ended up moving forward with their relationship.

However, it wasn't the same feel when Joey and Rachel got together.

The Friends Creators Knew Fans Wouldn't Be Happy With The Rachel And Joey Storyline

Looking back at decade long run, this storyline likely goes down as the most unpopular out of all the seasons. In fact, the cast itself was not thrilled with the story, Matt LeBlanc initially rejected the idea, claiming that someone as loyal as Joey would never do something like that.

The creators of  saw it differently, wanting to add a different emotional layer to Joey's character.

"We loved that it took Joey to a more emotional place, and let Matt [LeBlanc] play colors that he hadn’t gotten to play yet in the series."

The creators were well aware from the start that fans would hate this romance between two close friends and in truth, that's a major reason for why it took place.

The Joey And Rachel Romance Took Place Because It Was 'Real' And 'Controversial'

According to co-creator David Crane, the storyline was given the go, for how controversial it all was.

According to Crane, , whether people like it or not.

He said alongside the , "The Joey/Rachel thing I know is controversial," Crane said. "I love it. I love it because it’s wrong – and we knew going in: this is wrong. And that happens in life. There is the relationship that shouldn’t be. Even though you love someone, that’s not who you’re going to be with."

Crane would further reveal that unlike Monica and Chandler, he knew the Rachel and Joey romance was going to be short-lived, given the potential audience reaction.

"Joey and Rachel, we always knew [it would end]. She was pregnant with Ross’s baby. We always knew this was like… that this was doomed, but in a hopefully really interesting, moving and compelling way."

Despite the valid reasoning, it'll always be a frowned upon storyline for fans.

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