The Truth Why Bruce Willis Refuse To Kiss Jennifer Aniston In 'Friends' Exposed! Brad Pitt Was To Blame!

Few women have been more universally recognised as pin-up girls than  Jennifer Aniston. The actress was countless people's crush during her role as Rachel Green in Friends.

During the series' 10 seasons,  Aniston's character dated a number of men, often plays by big-name acting stars including  Brad Pitt and  Bruce Willis, with the latter being a fan favourite.

But  Willis, in his three episodes of season six, was Rachel's love interest in the role of Paul. Paul was the father of Elizabeth, who was playing the role of Ross' girlfriend.

Why didn't Bruce Willis kiss Jennifer Aniston?

It was always strange that Paul and Rachel never shared a real on-screen kiss, but now there is a reason for that being reported.

The reason for this is that  Willis was very good friends at the time with  Brad Pitt. Then, Pitt was still romantically involved with the Friends star.

As a result, he was reluctant to share a kiss with the actress.

"I would have loved to kiss her, but  Brad was my friend and  Jennifer was his wife,"  Willis said.

"It didn't seem appropriate to me, but she's a hottie."

Alec Baldwin also refused to kiss  Aniston in another role.