1923 Season 2 Filming Delay: When Does the Yellowstone Prequel Resume Filming?

Filming for 1923 season 2 has been delayed due to the Writers Guild of America strike. Work on the second season was set to start earlier this month, but now we are seeing reports that filming won’t be happening this month. When will work on the Yellowstone prequel resume?

If you have been following the Yellowstone drama over the past few months, you know about Paramount’s ongoing cost-cutting efforts. And now, fans have even more to worry about.

1923 was renewed for a second season on Feb. 3rd, 2023, in the middle of the series’ freshman outing. The show follows Jacob and Cara Dutton (played by Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren) as they fight to keep their massive Yellowstone homestead from sheep herders, government officials, and a sadistic miner looking to strip the land of its natural resources.

According to the reports, the production for the Paramount+ series has been delayed “indefinitely,” which means there is no end date to this delay. Unfortunately, this could be a very long time. The continuation of the series will also depend on the Writers Guild of America strike.

1923 season 2 release date predictions

A release date has not been announced, but due to this delay, we can count on 1923 season 2 not coming out in 2023. That said, our best guess is that the prequel series will premiere in either mid-to-late 2024. My one worry is that 1923 may find itself on the chopping block considering the cost-cutting measures the streaming network has made since this past spring for the Sheridan-produced series.

This comes around the same time that Paramount+ announces plans for an unnamed Matthew McConaughey Yellowstone spinoff to stream as soon as December 2023. However, the strike has also put that date in doubt.

The studio executives keep things close to the vest when they expect to resume filming. Do you think 1923 will start filming before the end of the summer? When do you think the series will be released on Paramount+? As soon as we learn more details, we’ll update this post!

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