Some 1923 Fans Are Underwhelmed With The Story Progression In The Finale!

Some fans of the TV drama "1923" were disappointed with the progression of the story in the season finale. While the first episode of the show was filled with excitement and had a star-studded cast, viewers felt that the finale fell short of their expectations. The episode took a slower pace compared to the rest of the season, which left fans wanting more action and drama.

One of the main criticisms from fans was the underwhelming cliffhangers in the finale. Many viewers felt that the episode didn't move the story forward and that the cliffhanger was anticlimactic. Some fans expressed their frustrations, stating that the episode was frustrating to watch and that the events in the episode led nowhere. Another criticism focused on the pacing and future direction of the show.

Some viewers were concerned that the finale set up a storyline that may not live up to their expectations in the upcoming season. They questioned the choices made by the characters and the direction of the plot. There were also complaints about the overall setting and atmosphere of the show. Some fans felt that the portrayal of the 1923 western world was not realistic and was unappealing to certain demographics.

They felt that the show mainly catered to a wealthy, white, and male audience. Additionally, fans pointed out logistical inconsistencies, such as characters easily finding each other in a time without GPS. These inconsistencies broke the suspension of disbelief for some viewers and made the show less enjoyable for them. Overall, many viewers felt that the finale of "1923" didn't feel like a proper series finale. They found the pacing to be off and felt that the episode lacked memorable events. Despite these criticisms, some fans remained hopeful for a better finale in the future and speculated that it may be a surprise twist from the show's creators.

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