Cole Hauser Worried About Losing “Yellowstone” Audience Amid Prolonged Hiatus

Despite concerns that the audience's interest in Yellowstone may wane due to the writers and actors strikes, Cole Hauser, who portrays Rip Wheeler on the show, has found reassurance in the unwavering support of the fans. In a recent interview with Esquire, Hauser discussed his new business venture, a coffee brand called Free Rein, and expressed gratitude for the fans' dedication. He feared that the show's hiatus might cause viewers to lose interest, but instead, the fanbase has remained devoted to the series and its characters. The producers of Yellowstone officially confirmed in May that the hit series would conclude with the second half of season five.

Originally, Paramount had announced that these episodes would debut in the summer, but due to conflicts between Kevin Costner and the producers, the release was postponed until November. It is still uncertain how the ongoing strikes have affected the show's production and release schedule. Now, it is expected that the final episodes of Yellowstone's fifth season will air sometime in 2024, although there is no official confirmation yet. Despite the delays and uncertainties, Hauser is grateful for the support of the fans, not only for the show but also for his coffee brand. As he embarks on a press tour, he feels honored that fans appreciate his character, the show, and even his entrepreneurial endeavor. Their love and dedication are what make his work worthwhile.

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