"Ummm...Guys?": Daryl Dixon Plot Similarities To The Last Of Us Addressed By Walking Dead EP!


executive producer Greg Nicotero addresses the similarities and differences between the new spinoff and .Unlike , Daryl and Laurent's journey takes place in France, offering unique adventures and dangers, including a mysterious group of survivors who want Laurent. adds its own spin to the concept of infected zombies that are distinct from as well.

executive producer Greg Nicotero has opened up about the similarities between Daryl's new spinoff and . The new series in universe sees Daryl wash ashore in France, tasked by a group of survivors to deliver a young boy, Laurent, across the country to save humanity. In , Joel travels across the United States with Ellie, a young survivor who is immune to Cordyceps infection.

Speaking with , Nicotero acknowledged the similarities between and . However, he also discusses what makes the two shows different despite sharing similar story elements. Check out what Nicotero had to say below:

I remember watching the first episode of The Last of Us and going, 'Ummm… guys?' We were already deep into production when The Last Of Us came out. I enjoyed The Last of Us tremendously.It's really a continuation of Daryl's story. He's willing to deliver this kid, but that's not his sole purpose. His purpose is he has people at home he has to get back to. He needs to get back to Judith, and Carol, and the people at the Commonwealth. He kind of got hoodwinked into this detour to France. I think the idea that he connects with this kid feels a little like The Last of Us, but once you get into the journey, it doesn't feel quite as similar to me. They're different enough that you can enjoy both.

Why Daryl Dixon Will Feel Different From The Last Of Us

As Nicotero states, is a continuation of Daryl's story within the show's larger zombie universe. While Daryl delivering Laurent across France carries a similar idea as , Daryl's mission still appears to be getting home to Virginia in spite of his new mission. Although Daryl will no doubt form a connection with Laurent, their journey seems like it will be unique to the spinoff.

While Joel and Ellie's journey took them across the United States, Daryl and Laurent's will be in France. This change of scenery allows for any number of unpredictable adventures that may not be able to happen in America. Unlike Ellie, Laurent is also being hunted down by a mysterious group of survivors who want him for their own nefarious purposes. This addition of a looming villain group underscores how much the show is differentiated from .

and other possible variants that will pose a unique danger to his journey across France. While also featured various infected, it seems Daryl's series will still be putting its own spin on the idea. While it won't be clear just how different and are until the former premieres, it seems the similarities were just a coincidence.

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