11 Walking Dead Characters That Dropped F-Bombs !

7 Negan Smith - The Walking Dead Season 11, Episode 17, "Lockdown"

Negan's foul-mouthed reputation from the comics didn't quite translate to the show. With networks not being too keen on the F-bomb, Negan didn't drop it again until season 11. When Negan joins the show's main group to try and take down Lance Hornsby (Josh Hamilton), he must face Hornsby head-on as he is essentially a stranger to him. When his wife Annie (Elizabeth Keener), suggests going with him, Negan responds, "

." This use of the word is far from the F-bomb once expected of the show's biggest antagonist, however, it shows just how much he has changed come season 11.

6 Negan Smith - The Walking Dead Season 11, Episode 23, "Family"

Jeffery Dean Morgan performed his last F-bomb in during the series' second-last episode. Season 11 went all out in raising the stakes, adding variant zombies in the main series for the first time since season 1. and also provided a hilarious Negan moment. Watching a walker climb on top of a structure for the first time prompted a "

" from Negan. It is another example of where the F-bomb serves as a genuine reaction that can also provide the audience with a bit of humor in an otherwise serious situation.

5 Daryl Dixon - The Walking Dead Season 5, Episode 6, "Consumed"

No one in universe has dropped more separate F-bombs than Daryl Dixon. Negan's uncensored speech may have more than everyone else put together, but Daryl has the most individual instances. His first came back in season 5 in a conversation with Carol (Melissa McBride).

Attempting to help Carol forget about the past, he says, " attempting to help her move on. His casual delivery fits well with Daryl's behavior during this period of the show. It may be a big deal to the audience, but for Daryl, it's just a word used to help his friend through the apocalypse.

4 Daryl Dixon - The Walking Dead Season 9, Episode 4, "The Obliged"

"The Obliged" is the last episode of the franchise in which Daryl and Rick have a conversation. This episode tested their long-standing bromance and also featured an F-bomb between the two.

After falling into a pit, the two start arguing over their differences about sparing Negan. Daryl tells Rick if it wasn't for Glenn (Steven Yeun), he wouldn't have found his wife or son and "." It's heartbreaking this is one of their last-ever conversations. Thankfully though, they did patch things up before they were separated and a .

3 Daryl Dixon - The Walking Dead Season 11, Episode 15, "Trust"

After 11 seasons, . While many on the main show had taken place on DVD or had been muttered, Daryl's F-bomb in "Trust" was clear.

As tensions continued to rise between the main survivors and the Commonwealth, Daryl pointed a gun at Hornsby and said, "." His threat definitely didn't hold anything back and proved effective in defusing the situation. This set the tone for the latter part of season 11 which saw most of the main shows clear F-bombs take place.

2 Daryl Dixon - The Walking Dead Season 11, Episode 18, "A New Deal"

As the confrontation between the main survivors and the Commonwealth continued, so did the F-bombs.

In a tense scene where Daryl has Hornsby at his mercy, Pamela Milton (Lalia Robins) and Mercer ask Daryl to stand down. Adamant that Hornsby deserves to die, he replies to Mercer "." Carol eventually convinces Daryl to turn Hornsby over, but his anger and resentment are evident in this scene. Using the F-bomb only helped further cement how locked in the moment Daryl was and had it not been for any interventions, Hornsby would have likely died then and there.

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