The Chronicles of Middle-earth: Rise of the Fellowship

Warner Bros. has announced new The Lord of the Rings movies that will explore aspects of J.R.R. Tolkien's works that were not covered in the previous Peter Jackson films. While the exact details of these films are still unknown, there are several potential storylines that could be explored.

One possibility is that the new movies will tell the complete tale of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, including previously cut characters like Tom Bombadil and Glorfindel. This would allow for a more faithful adaptation of Tolkien's original books. However, it is uncertain if Warner Bros. would want to risk potentially damaging the legacy of the original films by diving into a new adaptation so soon.

Another option is to focus on the perspective of Gandalf, one of the most iconic characters in The Lord of the Rings. The Amazon Prime Video series, The Rings of Power, has hinted at exploring Gandalf's arrival in Middle-earth, which could be a significant deviation from Tolkien canon. However, running two versions of Gandalf's story simultaneously could lead to cannibalization between the movie and TV show.

The rise of the Witch-king of Angmar, the leader of the Nazgûl, is another potential storyline. His tale is dark and tragic, as he was initially a human king who was corrupted by Sauron's Rings of Power.

However, this storyline may be too similar to what is being explored in The Rings of Power.

The arrival and work of the Istari, the wizards in Middle-earth, is another area that has not been fully explored. This storyline could delve into their relationships and shed light on Gandalf's ultimate fate. However, it is uncertain if this falls within the rights held by Warner Bros. and Middle-earth Enterprises.

Tom Bombadil, one of the most mysterious characters in The Lord of the Rings, could also be a subject of exploration. However, the lack of confirmation from Tolkien himself on Bombadil's true identity makes this a risky proposition for adaptation.

Gollum's full story, from his finding of the One Ring to his role in both The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, offers much potential for a new movie series. Actor Andy Serkis, who portrayed Gollum in the original films, has only become more popular since then, and advancements in motion capture technology make this a feasible option.

Finally, focusing on Aragorn's childhood and adventures as a ranger before The Lord of the Rings could offer an in-depth exploration of his character. This would also allow for a recasting of the character and the possibility of Viggo Mortensen returning to portray Aragorn in later installments.

Overall, while the exact direction of the new Lord of the Rings movies is still unknown, there are numerous possibilities for exploring untold stories from Tolkien's works. Fans will eagerly await further details and hope for a faithful adaptation that adds to the rich world of Middle-earth.

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