Outlander: 10 Hidden Details About Black Jack Randall Everyone Missed!

The hit STARZ romantic fantasy Outlander boasted one of the most brutal and violent antagonists on popular television in the form of the sadistic Jonathan Wolverton Randall, more infamously known as 'Black Jack Randall', a moniker coined for him to suit his twisted, dark nature.

Actor Tobias Menzies did a remarkable job, bravely bringing this incredibly difficult and disturbing character to life. Here are a few details about Black Jack Randall or BJR that some might have missed.

BJR Was Warned In Advance Of The Day He Would Die

Not many would remember this but in the series, BJR was warned of the day of his impending death by Claire herself.

Being from the 20th century, Claire was aware of the date when the Battle of Culloden would be fought, even though she would fight tooth and nail to stop it from happening. She had also heard from her first husband, Frank, who was BJR's descendant, that the latter would die in the battle, and she felt some sort of power over this despicable man who had been responsible for her Jamie's relentless misery when she whispered to him the day he would die.

Only The King Of France Could Ever Humiliate BJR

One of the most lavish and entertaining seasons in Outlander so far has been the second season which takes place almost entirely in Paris.

It seems as if King Louis XV is quite literally the only man to have ever managed to humiliate the brutal English officer.

BJR is practically brought to his knees by the King in front of none other than Claire Fraser, and the king's mockery of his French accent is naturally humiliating, especially since Claire's own accent is thoroughly polished and sophisticated. It seems as if the King of France is the only individual capable of teaching the cruel redcoat a lesson in humility, however mild.

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