What’s Happening With the ‘Yellowstone’ 6666 Spin-off?

The highly anticipated spin-off series 6666, based on Yellowstone, is still in progress. It will be set on the Four Sixes Ranch in Texas and will focus on the lives of tough cowboys from a Texan perspective. The character Jimmy, who was sent to the Four Sixes Ranch in Texas in Yellowstone, will potentially be involved in 6666. The creator of Yellowstone, Taylor Sheridan, who is also the owner of the Four Sixes Ranch, is taking his time with 6666 to ensure that the real families working on the ranch are treated with care and respect. Since its debut in 2018, Yellowstone has become a huge success, resulting in a plethora of new Westerns, including prequels, spin-offs, and similar shows.

However, one project that has been on hold for some time is 6666.

The spin-off is set to take place on the historic Four Sixes Ranch and will offer a modern-day perspective on the lives of cowboys in Texas. The Western genre is deeply connected to Texas, which adds to the excitement for this upcoming series. While details about 6666 are still scarce, it was initially intended to be a companion series to Yellowstone, much like Angel was to Buffy the Vampire Slayer. However, with Yellowstone nearing its end in November 2024, it appears that 6666 may initially stand alone or be paired with the upcoming sequel series 2024.

Regardless, the idea of following Texan cowboys in the north-central plains of Texas is intriguing, especially for fans who enjoy the plotlines involving the Dutton Ranch in Yellowstone. In Yellowstone's fourth season, the character Jimmy was banished from the Dutton Ranch and sent to the Four Sixes Ranch in Texas. There, he experienced personal growth and even fell in love with Emily.

When Jimmy returned to Yellowstone in the Season 4 finale, he requested to stay at the Four Sixes permanently, which was granted by John Dutton. This effectively wrote off Jimmy from the show, except for a brief appearance in the first half of Season 5.

However, it is hinted that he may return in the second half of the season to help out at the Dutton Ranch. Regarding his future involvement in 6666, actor Jefferson White, who portrays Jimmy, is uncertain. He mentioned that it is ultimately up to the direction the story takes him. Meanwhile, Taylor Sheridan, the creator of both Yellowstone and 6666, is currently working on multiple projects besides the Yellowstone universe. He owns the Four Sixes Ranch, which adds a unique level of care to the production of 6666. Sheridan has asked for patience from the Paramount Network, which will air 6666, as he navigates his busy schedule.
Sheridan's decision to purchase the Four Sixes Ranch was influenced by his love for Texas and a desire to be rooted there.

He values the kindness and respect that he finds in the state, and he hopes to share the beauty and values of Texas through shows like 6666. With Sheridan's dedication and vision, there's no doubt that 6666 will be a worthy addition to the Yellowstone universe. While Yellowstone may be coming to an end, the franchise is far from over. Multiple projects, including a second season of 1923, Lawman: Bass Reeves, and an upcoming sequel series, are in the works. The Dutton legacy will continue as long as Sheridan continues to write compelling stories.

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