Lawmen: Bass Reeves creator and showrunner Chad Feehan explains why the upcoming series is not a Yellowstone spinoff, clarifying its timeline.

Chad Feehan, the creator and showrunner of the upcoming series "Lawmen: Bass Reeves," has clarified that the show is not a spinoff of the popular series "Yellowstone," despite previous suggestions. Executive produced by Taylor Sheridan, known for his work on "Yellowstone," and starring David Oyelowo, the series tells the story of Bass Reeves, the first Black U.S. Marshal in the American West. Although initially announced as a prequel to "1883," it has now been confirmed that "Lawmen" is not part of the "Yellowstone" universe. In an interview with TVLine, Feehan explained the status of the Oyelowo drama.

He revealed that "Lawmen: Bass Reeves," which premieres on November 5 on Paramount+, was initially discussed as a "Yellowstone" spinoff. However, Feehan changed his mind once he learned more about Reeves' life and decided that the events of the show actually take place before "1883."

He stated, "[It was] an idea that we briefly talked about. But for me, once I learned some of the things I didn’t know about Bass' life, and decided where we wanted to start the story and where we wanted to end the story, it preceded 1883. [The show] takes place from, roughly, 1862 to 1877." So, what exactly is "Lawmen: Bass Reeves"? The Paramount+ show, filmed in Texas, aims to bring "the legendary lawman of the wild west to life.

" It sheds light on the true story of Bass Reeves, who is considered "the greatest frontier hero in American history." Reeves worked as a federal peace officer in the Indian Territory during the post-Reconstruction era, capturing thousands of dangerous criminals without ever sustaining a single injury.

Alongside Oyelowo, the cast includes actors such as Donald Sutherland and Garrett Hedlund in guest roles. The main cast features Lauren E. Banks as Reeves' wife Jennie, Shea Whigham as George Reeves, Barry Pepper as former Confederate soldier Esau Pierce, Demi Singleton as Reeves' daughter Sally, Forrest Goodluck as Billy Crow, and Dennis Quaid as Sherrill Lynn.

Mo Brings Plenty, who has appeared on "Yellowstone," will also star in "Lawmen: Bass Reeves," though he will portray a new character. "Lawmen: Bass Reeves" focuses solely on the titular character, who has previously been played by actors such as Colman Domingo, Harry Lennix, Delroy Lindo, and Isaiah Washington. This miniseries marks the first time that Bass Reeves, a notable figure in U.S. history, receives his own spotlight, which may prove advantageous for the show as it is not tied to the "Yellowstone" franchise. Source: TVLine

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