Yellowstone prequel 1944 – Everything we know so far from characters to plot details

The popular television series Yellowstone might be coming to an end with the second half of season five, but fans can still look forward to more stories from the Dutton family in a new prequel titled 1944.

Created by the talented Taylor Sheridan, 1944 will take a leap forward in time, continuing the complex saga of the Dutton family. While the plot details are being kept secret, the possibility of characters from the previous prequel, 1923, making appearances in 1944 adds an exciting layer to the anticipated narrative.

Fans are eagerly awaiting the release of 1944 as they are excited to delve deeper into the past of the Dutton family.

Although the second part of season five of Yellowstone will conclude the current narratives of John Dutton's family, the Yellowstone universe still has a lot in store for its dedicated followers.

Apart from a sequel set tentatively in 2024, Sheridan is also working on another prequel, 1944. Unlike the previous 40-year leap from 1883 to 1923, this upcoming spinoff will fast-forward 21 years.

While the original cast of 1883 was absent in 1923, there is speculation that characters from 1923 could seamlessly transition to the new prequel. This would be an exciting first for the interconnected narratives that Sheridan has created.

However, official casting updates are yet to be confirmed. The end of 1923's initial season hinted at the possibility of characters Spencer Dutton and Alexandra leading the Dutton clan into the future, pending their survival in the forthcoming season.

1944 is expected to be a continuation of the saga that starred Harrison Ford and Dame Helen Mirren in 1923. The details surrounding 1944 remain closely guarded, leaving fans to speculate whether the prequel will focus on a new branch of the Dutton family or the heirs of Ford and Mirren's characters.

While no official announcements have been made, the historical context of the 1940s suggests that the prequel might be set against the backdrop of significant wartime events.

Spencer Dutton, who was seen in the midst of the First World War in 1923, may find himself facing the challenges of World War II. The critical moment of D-Day in June 1944 could play a pivotal role in the narrative, as it signaled the near conclusion of the war. This setting could provide an opportunity to explore the Duttons' ranching legacy during a time when many were called to serve on the frontline.

The upcoming timeline for the Yellowstone universe has been adjusted due to the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes, which led to delays in production schedules. The second season of 1923 faced uncertainties regarding its release date, and the launch dates for the newly announced spinoffs, 1944 and 2024, remain uncertain as well. Fans are eagerly staying tuned for further updates on these exciting new additions to the Yellowstone universe.

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