10 Best Claire Quotes In Outlander

Claire Beauchamp Randall Fraser from the TV series Outlander is a unique character who experiences time travel and navigates two different centuries. Her contributions to medicine, complex relationships, and thought-provoking remarks make her fascinating. In the premiere episode, Claire reflects on cherishing the present after witnessing death during World War II. She also reveals her time-traveling secret to Jamie but faces skepticism. Claire's determination to change history for the better is evident when she attempts to invent Penicillin in the 1700s and challenges societal norms, like violence against women.

Her philosophical nature is shown when she compares time and memories to God and the devil. Claire's expertise as a doctor is showcased when she performs an autopsy in the 18th century. She also displays her considerate nature by apologizing for her language in front of a young audience. Claire's knowledge of history motivates her to discourage Highlanders from going to war. Lastly, she expresses her desire to build a permanent home with Jamie in America, highlighting her adaptability and love for him.

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