Friends: Why The One After Vegas Changes The Cast Members' Last Names!

The Friends episode "The One After Vegas" includes a humorous inside joke involving the cast members' last names. The episode continues the plot from the previous season, in which the group travels to Las Vegas. Courteney Cox had recently married David Arquette, so the writers added "Arquette" to all cast members' names in the opening credits as a tribute.

The episode is known as "the Arquette episode" and is a special nod to Courteney Cox's marriage. Unfortunately, Cox and Arquette's marriage did not last, but they remain friends and co-parent their daughter. Despite this, the Arquette tribute in the Friends episode remains a loving homage.

Additionally, "The One After Vegas" is considered a memorable episode for its Emmy nomination, as well as its conclusion to the Las Vegas arc. The episode includes funny moments and serves as an important milestone in the relationship between Ross and Rachel, as they get married in a comedic twist.

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