The Walking Dead: 5 Characters On Daryl Dixon's Level (& 5 Nowhere Close)

Daryl Dixon, a character from The Walking Dead, has become one of the show's primary protagonists and a fan-favorite. Known for his fearless zombie-killing and combat skills, Daryl is often considered the gold standard for characters on the show. He is viewed as highly likable and lethal, which has resulted in other characters being compared to him in terms of fighting abilities.

Introduced in Season 1, Daryl is one of the few characters from that season who is still alive. His feats of daring and his interesting personality have made him one of the most popular characters on the show. 

Some other notable characters on the show include Michonne, who wields a legendary sword and is equally deadly to both humans and walkers.

The Governor, a lethal villain, proves his combat abilities and poses a threat to the group. Morgan Jones, initially an ordinary survivor, becomes a deadly combatant as the series progresses. 

On the other hand, characters like Lori Grimes and Father Gabriel are not on Daryl's level when it comes to combat prowess. They have limited contributions to the group and are not viewed as great survivors. Ron Anderson and Owen, two antagonistic characters, also pose little threat compared to Daryl.

In summary, Daryl Dixon has established himself as a primary protagonist and fan-favorite on The Walking Dead. While other characters may possess combat skills, not many can match Daryl's level of fearlessness and lethality.

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