'I’d love a relationship, I need support': Sandra Bullock is Helping Jennifer Aniston Find a Boyfriend Who Had Her Heartbroken After Brad Pitt Cheated With Angelina Jolie!

Friends icon Jennifer Aniston has had a string of bad luck when it comes to her romantic life in Hollywood. After being married to and then consequently cheated on by Brad Pitt with Angelina Jolie, following her marriage and eventual separation from Justin Theroux, she was left heartbroken more times than she deserved. 

As a result, although she has had a spectacular Hollywood career when it came to relationships, it seems she was always left wanting. However, sources claim that Aniston is finally trying to turn her life around now. Seeking the help of her best pals in Hollywood, and going even as far as joining dating apps, it seems the actor is all set to embark on this new journey of her life. 


No matter the heights of success you reach, or just how big of a Hollywood icon you are, it seems one thing everyone has in common is their need for love. Similarly, the fashion icon of the generation, Jennifer Aniston is no different. Allegedly, it seems that she hopes to find her “Mr. Right” one day and set off to the sunset with him. Speaking on this in an interview before with Closer Magazine, the star said, “There are moments I want to just crawl up in a ball and say, ‘I need support.'”

As such, according to her, it would be nice to get that support from a person she can trust to build forever with her. She elaborated, “I’d love a relationship. Who knows?” and, “It would be wonderful to come home and fall into somebody’s arms and say, ‘That was a tough day.'” And so it seems in hopes of finding herself such a partner, she has sought help from her long-time friends in Hollywood. 


According to a source close to Jennifer Aniston, it seems she has joined forces with her best gal pals to look for a suitor for herself. “It’s a fun process and they’re excited to be in it together,” the source claimed. To them, it seems like a sign of the times that it takes a long time and patience to select the right person for yourself to find a suitable partner in Hollywood these days. However, it seems Aniston and her friends are committed to this as they, “are trading ideas on eligible guys, male pals in their shared social circle, as well as dinner parties and functions they can hit up together.”

To them, it seems that Aniston’s run of bad luck when it comes to romance is nothing but temporary. They also revealed that Jennifer Aniston is apparently talking about joining a dating app. “ She knows what type of man she wants and feels confident that having her dating squad will help her and give her the boost she needs,” the source elaborated. 

Well, be it dating apps or a happenchance meeting with her Mr. Hollywood, along with Aniston, her fans also seem hopeful that the actor will finally be able to find her happily ever after.