Katelyn Nacon, a Walking Dead Star, Shines in Southern Gospel and Mesmerizes in Devil's Peak - A Must-Watch for Fans!

Actress Katelyn Nacon is widely recognized for her role as Enid in The Walking Dead. She has also made appearances in notable productions such as Linoleum, Light as a Feather, and Breathing Happy. In 2023, Nacon will grace the screen in two new films: Southern Gospel and Devil's Peak. If you're interested in watching them, you can find Southern Gospel on Up Faith & Family with a subscription or enjoy a free trial on Amazon Prime Video. Furthermore, Amazon offers the option to either rent or purchase the movie.

Southern Gospel revolves around the life of Samuel Allen, depicted by Max Ehrich. Allen, once a rock and roll musician, turns away from his former lifestyle to pursue his father's path as a preacher.

The film, directed by Jeffrey A. Smith, delves into the challenges Allen faces when he is given a second chance. Joining Nacon and Ehrich are supporting cast members J. Alphonse Nicholson, Gary Weeks, and Justice Leak.

On the other hand, Devil's Peak, a crime thriller, was released on demand in February. You can rent or purchase it on Amazon Prime Video. Nacon stars alongside an impressive cast including Billy Bob Thornton, Robin Wright, Hopper Penn, Jackie Earle Haley, Brian d'Arcy, and Emma Booth. Directed by Ben Young, the plot unfolds in the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina. Thornton portrays a crime lord ruling his family and business with an iron fist, while Penn, his son, must make a choice when he falls in love with Nacon's character. Will he confront his father or sacrifice his own happiness? Devil's Peak is based on the novel Where All Tends to Go by David Joy.

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