Sister Wives: Fans Encourage Meri To Sue Kody & Robyn!

Meri Brown has long been in a love-less relationship with Kody Brown. Despite officially getting divorced in 2014, this mom of one continued to be religiously linked to this polygamist until December 2022, when she withdrew from the trembling polygamous arrangement. Almost a year after the split, the Sister Wives star is still putting in efforts to heal from trauma by her ex, Kody. Some of Meri’s fans recently suggested she sue Kody and his only wife, Robyn. Do you agree?

Sister Wives: Fans Are Asking Meri To File Charges Against Kody & His Only Wife!

Though Meri’s inspirational and motivational posts on her social media may hint that she has moved on in her life, it does not sound like a complete reality.

Being in a traumatic relationship for over three decades has left her with trauma. Recently, her eagle-eyed fans noticed that this Sister Wives celeb has been following Alex Scot, a self-described trauma healing coach, on TikTok. Thus, this made them believe that Meri was seeking Narcissistic Trauma Healing classes from her. Although Meri did not confirm the information. But being in a loveless marriage with a narcissist could have done this to her. Hence, several fans appreciated Meri for seeking help to move on in her life.

The news of Meri Brown taking help was taken to Reddit, where fans agreed that she must be taking therapy to get over the trauma gifted by her former husband. One of the Sister Wives fans rushed to the comment of this Reddit thread to claim that Meri must sue both Kody and his current wife, Robyn. They then suggested she press charges against them for “Intentional infliction of emotional distress fraud in the inducement and execution.” Many other fans agreed that the amount of trauma and discomfort Meri has faced over the years is implausible.

Sister Wives: Meri Throws Shade At Ex With Her Cryptic Posts!

After breaking ties with Kody, Meri has been embarking on physical and mental well-being journey. She often lands on her Instagram to share cryptic posts with Sister Wives fans. Most of these are suspected of throwing shade at her former husband, Kody. A couple of months ago, after her return from a solo trip to London, Meri shared an Instagram story. It stated that one must never apologize for having high standards. This indicated that she was not willing to settle for anything less in her life. In July, she landed on the platform again to share a quotation from The Mindset Mentor Podcast.

It was a friendly reminder that stated that we have no control over how others perceive us; thus, we must focus on being ourselves. This also seems to be pointing toward Kody, as his opinion about Meri has not stopped her from tracing her path to her preferred destination after their split. Similarly, there have been numerous other instances where Meri has indirectly criticized the narcissist Kody for not treating her right. Do you also agree that Meri must sue her ex Sister Wife, Robyn, and former husband, Kody? Pen down in the comments.

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