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10 Most Unexpected Things That Happened In Friends For Actors And Fans!

is without a doubt one of the best sitcoms of all time and is still as popular now as it was when it first aired. Since the show ran for so long, it was never going to be easy to constantly catch fans off guard, but the series managed to do so time after time for 10 seasons.

With 10 seasons in total, the gang went through their fair share of unexpected drama. From a wedding that was over before it even started to the strangest hook-ups, the series has plenty of moments that had fans gasping in pure disbelief.

When Ross Dated Janice

Much to her on-again-off-again boyfriend Chandler’s dismay, appearing out of nowhere seemed to be one of Janice’s favorite habits. However, this time it was Ross that got caught up in it. After Ross finds out that Emily is getting married again, he goes to a bar and hooks up with Janice.

Janice was the last person that anyone expected Ross to secretly hook up with, and for so many reasons. Going for Chandler’s ex already makes it risky territory but also, it’s common knowledge that no one particularly liked Janice. When Ross says he wants to see her again, everyone’s face says it all.

When Chandler Quit His Job

Still to this day, there are very few people in the world who know Chandler’s job. Everyone knew that he didn’t particularly enjoy it, but no one thought he would ever actually quit. After being forced to spend Christmas in Tulsa, Chandler decides his job isn’t worth it and abruptly quits.

Watching Chandler come home after quitting was one of . Although he eventually ended up in a job much better suited to him, everyone thought he was going to be a transponster forever.

When Ross And Phoebe Kissed

Flashbacks always reveal surprising things about the gang, but nothing was more unexpected than Ross and Phoebe’s secret kiss. After Ross finds out that his wife is a lesbian, Phoebe consoles him and they somehow end up kissing.

If it wasn’t for a few minor setbacks, it’s likely the pair could’ve gone all the way. This is , but also one of the most unexpected. Up until that point, fans knew the pair only as friends and there was absolutely no romantic connection involved.

When Joey Moved Out

One of the core parts of the series is the bromance between Chandler and Joey and their dynamic as roommates. When they argue about a dirty spoon, Joey decides it’s time for a change and moves out of his and Chandler’s apartment.

No one could have predicted that Joey would turn around and say he doesn’t need a roommate anymore. Chandler and Joey’s bromance is one of the best of all time, so when Joey left, it felt as close to a breakup as it could get.

When Ross And Rachel Got Married In Vegas

Despite everything they’d been through, Ross and Rachel seemed to be in a good place and were settled as friends in season 5. In , the gang goes to Vegas where Monica and Chandler suddenly decide to get married.

While this was a surprise, it almost made sense because they were happy and in love. However, after arriving at the chapel is when the real shock came. Ross and Rachel joyously burst out the chapel, now legally married. Despite them being outrageously drunk, no one could have expected their wedding to happen like this.

When Rachel Came On To Ross

Whilst Ross being the father to Rachel’s baby was , no one could have predicted that Rachel was the one who got the ball rolling. When Ross’ identity as the baby's father is finally revealed, the gang wants to know details about how it happened.

When Rachel tells everyone that Ross came onto her, Ross is shocked, however, no one else is. It’s later revealed through a video camera that Rachel was actually the one to come onto him. Unfortunately for Ross, it’s safe to say that everyone was backing Rachel in this.

When Phoebe Had Her Brother's Babies

Phoebe undoubtedly had her quirks and was the most eccentric of the gang, however, having her brothers’ babies sounded weird, even to Phoebe. When Phoebe’s little brother Frank marries Alice, they ask Phoebe to be their surrogate as it was difficult for Alice to get pregnant.

It’s safe to say that Frank and Alice took their relationship quite quickly and having a baby wouldn’t have come as a shock, but Phoebe being the one to carry them certainly was. Once the idea was out there, Phoebe was always going to say yes because that's the kind of person she is.

When Ross Cheated On Rachel

When Ross and Rachel finally became a couple, it didn’t look like anything was tearing them apart. However, it turned out that this was too good to be true, and the pressures of Rachel's job caused the couple to go on a break.

Heartbroken, Ross sought comfort with another woman. Whether Ross actually cheated on Rachel is down to a technicality that no one knows the answer to, but no one believed Ross would do something like that as he was deeply in love with Rachel.

When Monica And Chandler Had Twins

After Phoebe had triplets, the idea that Erica could be carrying more than one baby never entered anyone’s mind. If the final episode wasn’t dramatic enough, Erica’s doctor reveals to Monica and Chandler that they will be adopting twins, and both of them are as shocked as anyone.

Monica and Chandler knew Erica throughout most of her pregnancy, so it’s thought that if she was carrying twins, someone would’ve picked up on it before she gave birth. They clearly wanted to give fans one last shock before the sitcom came to an end, and they were incredibly successful.

When Ross Said Rachel's Name At The Altar

Everyone knew that Ross and Emily’s marriage was doomed to fail, but no one expected it to fall apart on the actual wedding day. When Ross and Emily are saying their vows, Ross accidentally says Rachel’s name instead of Emily’s.

At that moment, the gang and everyone else watching were in pure shock. Although everyone knew that Rachel and Ross’ story was nowhere near over, no one could have predicted this. As season finale’s go, this was as perfect as it could get. This line has gone down as one of the most iconic moments and left viewers more speechless than ever.

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