Why Everyone Thinks Lawmen: Bass Reeves Is A Yellowstone Spinoff (It's Not)!

Even though the upcoming show isn’t part of the franchise, it still seems like the show is trapped under ’s shadow. Set to premiere on November 5, 2023, of the titular deputy U.S. marshal, who was the first African-American deputy west of the Mississippi River. In addition to taking inspiration from Bass Reeves’ real life story, the Western show is also reported to be taking some cues from the first two books of Sidney Thompson’s .

However, something that will not take any inspiration from is Taylor Sheridan’s popular franchise, which has dominated the neo-Western genre since the main series’ premiere. Despite this, there has been mixed information circulating that

is somehow connected to the franchise, which is simply not the case. Although there are some good reasons for the common misconception that is a spinoff, the fact that it isn’t is great news for the Western series.

Lawmen: Bass Reeves Is Not Connected To The Yellowstone Franchise

Contrary to popular belief, outside featuring some overlapping crew. not only has no bearing on the Dutton family or timeline, but it is also not considered a part of the canon at all. Rather, is its own series completely separate from the franchise, despite sharing common Western DNA and developmental origins with those shows.

Though is not attached to the franchise, the Western is intended to spawn a franchise of its own. Rather than being housed under the umbrella upcoming Paramount+ show will instead be part of an anthology in which each season focuses on a different historic lawman or outlaw that has had an impact on American history, with the first season telling the story of the titular African-American U.S. marshal (played by David Oyelowo). This is ultimately good for the series, as it will allow to form its own identity outside the Duttons’ story in .

Yellowstone's Taylor Sheridan Is Involved In Lawmen: Bass Reeves

Another major reason that has been assumed to be a spinoff is because of the involvement of creator Taylor Sheridan. In addition to being part of ’ inception, Sheridan has also been reported to be the director of the show’s first episode, meaning he’s been heavily involved in its creation thus far. Since fleshing out the story of the Dutton family within the franchise has been a major focus of Sheridan’s career since the main show premiered in 2018, it makes sense that people might think that is part of based on his involvement.

While Taylor Sheridan was involved in ’ development and serves as executive producer, the show is ultimately separate from his flagship franchise. Because much of the buzz around Sheridan’s work in television has been related to

in the last several years, is a bit of a departure from Sheridan’s recent work. However, Taylor Sheridan does have a strong track record when it comes to his contributions to the Western genre, which bodes well for his involvement with .

Lawmen: Bass Reeves Was Reported To Have 1883 Connections

The biggest reason why many people assume that is part of is because once upon a time, it was. Reportedly, during the early stages of the development of , it was going to be a continuation of the prequel . During this phase of its inception, the show was originally titled

, serving as a second season of sorts. The most recent updates about confirm that it’s no longer attached to . However, since s was initially part of , the confusion is understandable.

Though fans might be disappointed that won’t be continuing the story of the Taylor Sheridan franchise, not being connected to is its best case scenario. Bass Reeves is an important and unique figure in the history of the American West, but if his story was attached to and , Reeves might have been overshadowed by the Dutton family. By evolving to become its own standalone series, has ensured that will have space to shine outside the spotlight cast by the franchise.

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