Jennifer Aniston Excludes Matt LeBlanc and Matthew Perry from Her Wedding Guest List!

According to a recent article, it has been revealed that actors Matt LeBlanc and Matthew Perry were not invited to Jennifer Aniston's wedding. The news has come as a surprise to many, considering the close friendships that the three actors developed while starring on the hit television show Friends.

Jennifer Aniston, famous for her role as Rachel Green on Friends, recently tied the knot with her fiance Justin Theroux in a private ceremony. While the wedding was attended by several of Aniston's famous friends, including Courteney Cox (who played Monica Geller on Friends) and Lisa Kudrow (who played Phoebe Buffay), it seems that LeBlanc and Perry were not included on the guest list.

The absence of LeBlanc and Perry from Aniston's wedding has raised questions among fans and the media, as the trio were known for their close bond during the ten seasons of Friends. Their on-screen chemistry was one of the main reasons why the show became such a huge success, and off-screen, they were often seen spending time together and supporting each other's projects.

However, it appears that things may have changed since the show ended in 2004. Aniston's decision to exclude LeBlanc and Perry from her wedding has led to speculation about a possible falling out or rift between the actors.

Some sources even suggest that Aniston's close relationship with Cox, who was invited to the wedding, might have played a role in the exclusion of LeBlanc and Perry.

Despite the absence of their Friends co-stars, Aniston's wedding was still attended by several other A-list celebrities, such as Ellen DeGeneres, Sandra Bullock, and Chelsea Handler. Reports suggest that Aniston and Theroux wanted to keep their wedding small and intimate, which could explain why not all of their friends from the entertainment industry were invited.

While the exclusion of LeBlanc and Perry from the guest list may disappoint fans who were hoping for a Friends reunion, it is important to remember that people's relationships change over time.

It is possible that Aniston simply wanted to keep her wedding guest list small and decided to invite only her closest friends.

As for the relationship between Aniston, LeBlanc, and Perry, only time will tell if there is any truth to the rumors of a falling out or if their exclusion from the wedding was simply a matter of personal preference. Regardless, it is clear that the bond formed between the three actors during their time on Friends will always be remembered fondly by fans.

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