Matthew Perry Says He Doesn't Remember 3 Years of 'Friends' Because of His Addiction!

Matthew Perry, an actor famously known for his role as Chandler Bing in the hit sitcom Friends, opened up about his struggle with addiction and how it affected his memory of the show. In an interview, Perry revealed that due to his addiction issues, he does not recall three years of filming the beloved series.

Perry, now 51 years old, faced a challenging battle with substance abuse during his time on Friends. He has been open about his addiction and subsequent recovery in the past, but this recent revelation sheds light on just how deeply it impacted his life, both personally and professionally.

The actor explained that he was not in the best place mentally and emotionally during the third to sixth seasons of Friends, which aired from 1997 to 2000. He was struggling with addiction, and as a result, his memory of those years is blank. Perry admitted, "Somewhere between seasons three and six, I was a little out of it."

Perry's struggle with substance abuse was no secret, and at times, it was evident in his physical appearance and performance on the show. However, his co-stars and the show's creators were supportive and understanding, providing him with the help he needed to get through those difficult times.

The actor has always been very candid about his addiction journey, using his platform to raise awareness and break the stigma surrounding substance abuse and mental health. In 2013, he even opened his own sober living facility in Malibu, California, called Perry House, to help others who are facing similar challenges.

While it is undoubtedly heartbreaking for Perry to have such a significant portion of his life and career seemingly erased due to addiction, it is also a testament to his strength and resilience. Despite the battles he faced, he managed to pull himself out of the darkness and rebuild his life.

Perry's story serves as a reminder that addiction can affect anyone, regardless of their fame or success. However, it also emphasizes the importance of seeking help and support. In Perry's case, it was the support he received from his loved ones and friends on the show that helped him through his darkest times.

As fans of Friends continue to indulge in reruns and discover the show for the first time, they can appreciate Perry's incredible talent as Chandler Bing. However, it is crucial to also acknowledge the personal struggles he faced behind the scenes and applaud his courage in overcoming them.

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