Morgan Fairchild on Starring Alongside Matthew Perry as Chandler’s Mom on 'Friends'!

In an exclusive interview, Morgan Fairchild, the renowned actress, discussed her experience of starring alongside Matthew Perry as Chandler's mom on the hit show 'Friends'. Fairchild shared her excitement and explained how she landed the role.

Fairchild expressed her deep admiration for Perry's talent but admitted that she was initially hesitant about playing his mother due to the age difference. She believed that Chandler's mom should have been portrayed by an older actress. However, the show's creators and producers convinced her that her youthful appearance aligned well with the character's backstory.

Regarding her casting, Fairchild explained that she was called to audition for the part and had a great meeting with Marta Kauffman, one of the show's creators. The team felt she was a good fit for Chandler's stylish and glamorous mom. Fairchild highlighted that her chemistry with Perry during the audition helped seal the deal.

Reflecting on her time on set, Fairchild described the atmosphere as incredibly warm and welcoming. She commended the show's writer and cast for being supportive and making her feel like a valued member of the 'Friends' family.

She particularly praised Perry for being kind, professional, and making her feel comfortable during intimate scenes.

Fairchild shared a memorable incident where she accidentally knocked down a towering Christmas tree on set. Despite the mishap, the cast and crew laughed it off, showcasing the camaraderie and joyful spirit on the show. Fairchild felt appreciated and cherished by everyone involved.

Playing a character like Chandler's mom allowed Fairchild to step out of her usual glamorous roles and explore comedic acting. She revealed that she had a great time immersing herself in the role and giving it a unique touch.

Fairchild appreciated the opportunity to break away from her usual image and challenge herself as an actress.

Fairchild acknowledged the immense popularity of 'Friends' and how it has remained relevant over the years. She expressed her gratitude for being a part of such an iconic show and expressed her willingness to return if given the chance.

In conclusion, Morgan Fairchild's experience of starring alongside Matthew Perry as Chandler's mom on 'Friends' was filled with excitement, gratitude, and a sense of belonging. Despite initial doubts about the age difference, Fairchild confidently embraced the role and appreciated the warm and supportive environment on set. She cherished the opportunity to add a comedic touch to her repertoire and expressed her admiration for the show's enduring popularity.

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