Amazing! Friends and Big Bang Theory Join Seinfeld and The Office an Streaming Gold!

Streaming services have been investing heavily in original content, but it turns out that old sitcoms are the real winners. Shows like Friends and The Big Bang Theory, which made their debut on HBO Max in 2020, have been consistently performing well, attracting a large audience who prefer the familiar comfort of these shows over flashy new series.

The value of these old sitcoms has climbed steadily since their success on Netflix. Netflix paid a whopping $120 million for a four-year exclusive streaming deal for Friends in 2014, and another $100 million for just one more year in 2018. In a bidding war with other streaming services, HBO Max eventually secured the streaming rights for Friends by paying a staggering $425 million for five years.

Friends was even named the number one streamed show on HBO Max in 2020.

But it's not just Friends that has been making big bucks. HBO Max reportedly shelled out over $1 billion for the rights to stream The Big Bang Theory for five years. This billion-dollar bet seems to be paying off, as The Big Bang Theory and Friends battle it out for the top spot on HBO Max.

The bidding wars for classic sitcoms have reached astronomical numbers. Netflix paid over $500 million for the rights to stream The Office, only to lose out to Peacock in another bidding war, who paid a whopping $500 million for just one year.

This shows just how valuable these old sitcoms are in attracting viewers.

Despite airing regularly on cable and broadcast networks, these sitcoms have seen their streaming value skyrocket. Friends and The Office saw their value quintuple in just five years. The long run of these series, with their extensive episode libraries, adds to their value. Friends has 236 episodes, The Big Bang Theory has 279 episodes, Seinfeld has 180 episodes, and The Office has 201 episodes.

It's no surprise that streaming services are willing to spend billions of dollars to acquire these sitcoms. People have a habit of revisiting their favorite shows, and the countless hours spent streaming these series keep viewers hooked. So, while streaming platforms continue to invest in original content, it seems that old sitcoms are the safe bets and the real money-makers.

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