10 Friends Moments That Prove Rachel Was The Worst Friend!

In the world of Friends, the beloved sitcom that has gained a new generation of fans through streaming, the main characters were far from perfect. While some characters learned from their mistakes and grew as friends, others proved time and time again that they weren't exactly the greatest companions. One character, in particular, stood out as the worst friend of the group: Rachel Green, portrayed by the talented Jennifer Aniston.

From the very beginning, Rachel showcased her self-centered nature. In her first appearance, she crashed into Central Perk in a wedding dress, having just run away from her own ceremony.

Desperate for a place to stay, she announced to Monica that she was moving in with her, though they hadn't spoken in years. This blatant disregard for Monica's consent set the tone for Rachel's behavior throughout the series.

And it didn't end there. Despite living with Monica, Rachel proved to be an irresponsible roommate. She failed to contribute to household chores, rarely cooked, and even caused a fire in Phoebe's apartment by leaving her hair iron on. This led them to temporarily move in with Joey and Monica, further showcasing Rachel's lack of responsibility.

Rachel's obsession with her public image also led her to hurt others. In one incident, she ridiculed Phoebe's unique way of running, pretending to be injured to avoid joining her on a jog. It was only when confronted by Phoebe that Rachel learned to let loose and embrace her friend's free-spirited nature.

But perhaps one of Rachel's worst offenses was stealing Monica's date with Jean-Claude Van Damme. When Monica sent Rachel to talk to him on her behalf, Rachel ended up agreeing to go on a date with him herself. Although she eventually gave up her date to let Monica go instead, she couldn't resist telling Van Damme that Monica wanted a threesome with him and Drew Barrymore.

Rachel's actions continued to wreak havoc on the love lives of her friends. She constantly tried to sabotage Ross' relationships, including those with Julie and Bonnie. Even when she finally developed feelings for Joey, she couldn't resist being cold and rude to his girlfriend, Charlie. This pattern of toxic behavior caused unnecessary drama for everyone involved.

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